Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Various - Local Customs: Downriver Revival

This release is a DLP and DVD which includes a documentary and a ton of music. Styles are from Blues to Garage including Funk and Gospel from local artists and whoever felt like recording.
The DVD is ripped into 2 segments otherwise it would be to large for "Workupload". The documentary is an mkv and the music is an iso file. I chose iso so that the structure and menus of the DVD would remain and that it is still possible to skip around the tracks. With mkv that would not have been possible.
Visit for the track list.

If you can't open mkv and iso's then Google, ask your friends, ask the cat but remember "Don't ask me ... I don't know".



Nappyrags said...

Great great offering...mucho thanks

Bob Mac said...

Yep, looks very interesting, I haven't been though it all yet but will check it out soon. Thanks for providing this.