Monday, June 14, 2021

Ebay's Recomendations For Blues Lp's

 To be fair Ebay doesn't always suck but they are idiots or at least their algorithms are.

Todays recommendations for Blues Lp's are:
Charlie Mingus - Blues and Roots (Blue Vinyl)
Joni Mitchell - Blue
Weezer - The Blue Album
Ariana Grande - My Everything ( Lavender Vinyl)
Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man
Keiffer Sutherland - Recklees & Me
Florence and The Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
In Hand - Navy Blue
Valerie June - The Order Of Time
Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue

They missed out on The Smurfs blue vinyl Lp which I really need to complete my collection of blues lp's ... what can I say but "IDIOTS"


MapleBlues said...

at least they dont call themselves EBLUES LOL
and they do suck anyway

Ballas said...

What a bunch of idiots!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hot Dog -
You should buy them all

brianbrora said...

That's list is what an computer Algorithm gets you!!

bluesrock42 said...


Steve626 said...

Well, Leonard Cohen - Mr. Mississippi Delta. Ha! Thanks for sharing.

Ansina said...

Bluuuue Meanies!

pmac said...

No Blue Danube, no care....

Anonymous said...

What about Paul Mauriat, Love is blue, I know I get sad when I hears that

Rockinxxl said...

mit Unwissenheit kann man nicht glänzen!