Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ivory Joe Hunter - I'm Coming Down With The Blues

A1 I'll Give You All Night To Stop 2:07
A2 Medley: I Almost Lost My Mind / Empty Arms 4:12
A3 Coming Down With The Blues 2:04
A4 Working On Me 2:17
A5 Stolen Moments 1:55
A6 Can I Help It 2:42
A7 The Cold Gray Light Of Dawn 2:40
B1 Looking For The Girl 1:59
B2 Brenda Brown (Demo Version) 2:40
B3 Brenda Brown (Finished Version) 2:45
B4 The Masquerade Is Over 2:43
B5 Empty Arms 1:54
B6 The Angels Sent You 2:23
B7 Adios Senorita
Previously unissued masters, originally recorded in Houston in 1968. Post:


Anonymous said...

Solomon Burke does a song written by Ivy Hunter (co-writers Vernon Bullock & Freddie Gorman)- 'Let somebody love me' on his 'Make do with what you got' album - I was wondering if that is Ivy Joe Hunter and if so has he played the song himself? Thanx for your uploads anyway - really enjoying what you share!! John Lee Hooker, Freddie King, Muddy Waters & Howlin' Wolf will be the ultimate KINGS for me but always diggin' for some raw blues jewels! SHUGGS haha mmm suddenly thinking about your blog name.. anyway stay cool man!

Xyros said...

Ivy Hunter maybe "Ivory Jo Hunter", see

WPW said...

No, the Ivy Joe Hunter who co-wrote the Solomon Burke recording is the original keyboardist with the Motown rhythm section, who sadly died fairly recently. His name is to be found amongst the writers on many early Motown hits, and one of his co-writers on this occasion was Freddie Gorman of the Originals. No connection whatever with Ivory Joe of "Almost Lost My Mind" and "Since I Met You Baby" fame!

KurtGS said...

This one needs to be re-upped! Please!

KurtGS said...

Thanx for this one! Actually I didn't know it existed. I'm in need of a good Ivory Joe Hunter discography...

Xyros said...

Glad to help you out KurtGS.