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I know that Zippyshare is a problem in a lot of countries but I'm sticking to it and for the following reasons:
1. large files can be uploaded
2. it's fast
3. no download limits
5. I can follow the number of downloads

The solution to your problem is to use free or paid VPN software extensions for your browser. I use TouchVPN for Chrome but there are plenty of other ones out there to choose from.
It's not rocket science and if you can download and listen to mp3's all day you are capable of using simple VPN extensions.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Lincoln Chase - 'n You (re-post)

Wooshp, Oom, Sff ... Ahhhh ! 3:00
Fish Specie 8:00
You 'Ve Got To Be A Little Crazy 5:00
Amos X, Andy Lumumba And Aunt Jemimanomo 2:30
The Woods Are Full 5:03
Three Hands Riddle 6:41
The Human Game 3:46
The Blues Drew Blood This Time 2:36

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Various - Rare 78RPM Rhythm N' Blues Cuts

CD 1
Mambo Baby - Dolly Wade
Playin' Hide Go Seek - Eddie Daniels
Back from Korea - Rose Brown, Jimmie Harris, Rose Brown, Jimmie Harris
So Much of a Little Bit - Charlie Ferguson & His Orchestra
Love Me With a Feeling - Magic Sam
Set a Date - Homesick James
Whim, Whap, Whop - Fay Simmons
Jealous of You Baby - Gus Jenkins
Part Time Papa - Arena Allen & Her Trio
Move With You Baby - Big Amos
Wild Wooly Woman - King james
Lookin' for My Baby - Harmon "Hump" Jones
Collin's Shuffle - Albert Collins
Poppa Stoppa - Thelma Baxter
Twistin' Beat - Phil Flowers
Keep On Loving Me, Baby - Otis Rush
Skillet's Gonna Fry - Edith Mackey
I've Got a Big Cadillac - Johnny 'Rockhouse' Green
Cadillac Baby - Tangerine
You Better Hold Me- James Reed
Making Tracks - Sammy Johns And The Devilles
Double Freeze - David Dean's Combo
Wineo - Bill Walker
I Tried - Larry Davis
Wild As You Can Be - Mary Ann Fisher
The Freeze - Fention & The Castle Rockers
Flippin' and Floppin' - Pee Wee Kingsly
Every Time - Margie Hendrix
Down By the Woodshed - Baby Doll
Nursery Rhyme Rock - Percy Welch
Rock-a-Bye Baby - Frank Haywood
Oh Oh Mojo - The Volcanos
Little Daddy - Big Bertha
I'm Wise - Ruth Durand
Don't Know Where She Went - Lloyd And Willie
Mississippi Steamboat - Fention Robinson
Looka Here Mattie Bee - Emmett Hobson
Ooh Little Girl - Floyd Dixon
Long Lean Daddy - Sarah "Fatwoman" Dean
Crazy Crazy Loving - Fention Robinson
I Can't Sleep - Tini Williams & The Skyliners
You Gone Away - Morris Pejoe

CD 2
Angel Child - Peppermint Harris
Oo-Wee Mr. Jeff - Georgia Lane
Come Dance With Rudy - Monroe Chapman
Little Boy - Edna L. Bankhead
I Love You - Elton Anderson
Humdinger - Little Marie Allen
Lot of Shakin' Lot of Jivin' - Piano Slim & His Rockin' Four
You Know I Love You Baby - Fats Jr. And The Skyscrapers
I Just Wanta Love - King James
Tarzan - Artie Wilson
Please Give Me a Match - Rebecca Williams
Yes Ma'am - Gladys De Vore
Fathead Blues - Don Archer
Come On - Charlie & The Jives
Good Treatment - Margie Hendrix
It Should Have Been Me No. 2 - George Benson
No More, No Less - Carmen Taylor
Danger Blues - Jane Turner
Leave Your Love to Me - Bonnie Evans
I'll Be Oh So Good - Velma Cross
Pleadin' - Mercy Baby (Jimmy Mullins)
Miss Sue - Don & Dewey
Have You Seen My Baby? - Choker Campbell
You Name It - Cliff Butler
Yes I Know - Margie Anderson
You Will Be Mind - Dossie Terry
He's My Texas Baby - Fran Harris
Hallelujah Rock and Roll - Sandra Grimms
Daddy Please Come Home - Eunice And Eddie
Rock Little Daddy - Eunice Davis
The Devil Is Mad - Dorothea Fleming
Nickle and Dime - Pee Wee Kingsly
Come On Home - Louis (Blues Boy) Jones
I'm Goin' Home - Myrtle Jones
Weeping and Mourning - Johnny Fuller
Try Your Love - Little Johnny Cook
Straighten Up Baby - Willard Harris & The Czars Of Rhythm
Miss Good Blues - Mamie Thomas
Henry - Thelma Baxter
Let's Have a Party - Eunice Davis
It's a Shame - Dottie Johnson
Every Time Your Lips Meet Mine - Eunice Davis
She Walked Right In - Morris Pejoe
I Ain't Guilty - Crawford Brothers

kansasJoe(?) post:
cd 1
cd 2

Guitar Lightnin' Lee - Just An Ol' G

1 Mississippi Alabama Bound
2 When I First Met You
3 Missing Momma
4 Amsterdam
5 Just An Ol' G
6 Honest I Do
7 Blue Rain
8 She Means Trouble
9 Mathilda
10 I Love Louisiana
11 Good Night Officer
12 Mean Little Woman
13 Human Fly


Never would have expected the Cramps " Human Fly" to turn up on Blues CD ... but here it is.

Burnin' Chicago Blues Machine - Boogie Blues

1 Lucinda 4:28
2 Women 3:53
3 Boogie Blues 5:53
4 Dollars 3:12
5 Britches 3:48
6 Midnight Sunrise 5:25
7 Bow Legs 4:07
8 Two Lovers Are Better Than One 4:31
9 Sadie 5:47
10 Stay With Me 3:39
11 One For Beau 4:17

Various - Negro Songs Of Protest

A1 Cold Iron Shackles
A2 Two Hoboes
A3 Negro Got No Justice
A4 Mail Day I Gets A Letter
A5 Mr. Tyree
A6 Rocky Bottom
A7 Come Get Your Money
A8 Joe Brown's Coal Mine
A9 You Ask For Breakfast
B1 On A Monday
B3 There Ain't No Heaven
B4 In Atlanta, Georgia
B5 Cap'n Got A Lueger
B4 When Sun Go Down
B6 Give Me 15 Minutes And You Calls It Noon
B7 Lawdy Mamie
B8 Cap'n Got A Pistol
B9 Cap'n What Is On Your Mind

KansasJoe post:

Friday, October 11, 2019

Apple are wankers if you ask me.

From Audacity homepage:

MacOS 10.15 (Catalina) introduces additional restrictions on running non-Apple software. These restrictions prevent Audacity from functioning correctly, and may conflict with Audacity’s open source license (yet to be confirmed).

If you are currently using Audacity on an older version of macOS and wish to continue using Audacity, we recommend that you don’t update to Catalina yet.

To late for me, but I'd like to thank Apple for been a bunch of wankers and forcing their idea of safe software on MAC users. Maybe I should go back to Windows?

Only solution was to re-install the older version of MacOS which is fine. Only hope that Audacity can come up with a solution to the problem.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Frank Hovington - Lonesome Road Blues (re-post)

A1 Mean Old Frisco
A2 Gone With The Wind
A3 Lonesome Road Blues
A4 90 Going North
A5 Got No Lovin' Baby Now
A6 C.C. Blues
B1 Sing Sing Blues
B2 Who's Been Foolin' You
B3 I'm Talking 'Bout You
B4 John Henry
B5 Where Could I Go But To The Lord
B6 Blood Red River


Robert Pete Williams & Roosevelt Sykes - Blues From The Bottoms (re-post)

A1 Gonna Stand No Quittin'
A2 Broken-Hearted Man
A3 Salty Woman
A4 Whiskey Head Man
B1 I'm The Sweet Root Man
B2 Spontaneous Conversation
B3 Lord, Help Poor Me
B4 Goodbye Fay And John


Peg Leg Sam - The Last Medicine Show (re-post)

A1 John Henry
A2 Greasy Greens
B1 Straighten Up And Flyright
C1 Hand Me Down
D1 Who's That Left Here A While Ago?
D2 One Mint Julep

Short explanation to this rip so as not to tread on toes. This is my rip from my personal copy of the set, the cover scans are mine but the book scans are from Discogs. Covers and book are in the map disc 1. Tracks have not been separated as they flow into each other and it would spoil the listening pleasure.

Disc 1:
Disc 2:

Thursday, October 3, 2019

"Earring" George Mayweather - Whup It! Whup It! (re-post)

1 Tomorrow Night 3:45
2 In The Evening 4:06
3 Forty-Four 4:00
4 What'd I Say 3:47
5 Gypsy Woman 4:57
6 Feel So Bad 3:28
7 It's Your Last Time 3:17
8 Bad Actin' Woman 3:23
9 Shake For Me 3:44
10 Cheatin' On Me 4:05
11 You Left Me With A Broken Heart 5:03
12 Shout Sister Bessie 4:16

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Various - Eeny Meeny Moe! (re-post)

 1 –Boogie Jake Early Morning Blues
2 –Henry Strogin Old Folks Boogie While The Young Ones Twist
3 –Jesse Perkins And The Bad Boys One More Kiss
4 –Floyd Dixon Oooh Little Girl
5 –Prentice Moreland Holy Mack'rel
6 –Noble Watts Hot Tomales
7 –SeƱor Jimenez Y Los Taquitos Shake The Can
8 –Gene Ross Rockin' China Doll
9 –Rev. Lofton  & The Holy Travelers Look To Jesus
10 –Pearl Woods Sippin' Sorrow
11 –Little Nat Tally Wally
12 –Billy Randall Bye Bye Teacher
13 –Frankie Dee Let's Go Steady
14 –Jimmy Lewis Ga-Go-Go
15 –Jack Rodgers Hey Team
16 –Bobby (Guitar) Bennett Lawdy Miss Clawdy
17 –Little Luther Eeny Meeny Minie Moe
18 –L.C. McKinley Nit Wit
19 –Richard Turley I Wanna Dance
20 –The Cherokees Uprising


James Booker - Junco Partner (re-post)

Black Minute Waltz 3:11
Good Night Irene 5:42
Pixie 3:45
On The Sunny Side Of The Street 3:32
Make A Better World 5:00
Junco Partner 4:40
Put Out The Light 3:06
Blues Minuet / Until The Real Thing Comes Along/Bill Bailey 6:45
Pop's Dilemma 3:28
I'll Be Seeing You 3:30


Lowell Fulsom - I've Got The Blues (re-post)

Teach Me 3:05
I've Got The Blues 4:15
Every Second A Fool Is Born 3:00
Don't Leave Me 3:45
Change Of Heart 2:12
Fed Up 2:22
Searchin' Out 3:22
Crying Won't Help 2:22
Too Soon 2:49
Stoned To The Bone 2:06
The Last One To Know 3:17


Sunday, September 29, 2019

Ernie Williams & The Wildcats - Sun Goin' Down

1 Who's Gonna Love You
2 World I Used To Know
3 South Of Memphis
4 Lonely Man
5 Trouble
6 Good Old Days
7 Where'd You Stay Last Night
8 House Was Gone
9 Love A Woman So Bad
10 Sun Goin' Down


E.C. Scott - Hard Act To Follow

1 Steppin' Out On A Saturday Night
2 Tell Me About It
3 Don't Touch Me
4 Queenside Bed
5 Lyin' And Cheatin'
6 Hard Act To Follow
7 Men Gossip Too
8 Sweet Man Of Mine
9 Another Night In Paradise
10 If You're A Good Woman
11 Missionary Man

KansasJoe post: