Saturday, January 22, 2022

It's That Time Of The Year .... Vacation Time

The wive and I are off to Costa Rica for 4 week road trip doing the sites, searching for the wonderful wildlife they have, enjoying the food and generally relaxing.
Hope we see this really cool frog.
This means no more postings, re-posts or requests for at least 5 weeks. Look after yourselves and  enjoy the music wherever you buy or find it.

Friday, January 21, 2022

Snatch & The Poontangs - For Adults Only (re-post)

A1 The Signifyin' Monkey (Part 1)
A2 The Signifyin' Monkey (Part 2)
A3 That's Life
A4 The Great Stack-A-Lee
A5 The Pissed-Off Cowboy
B1 Hey Shine
B2 Two-Time Slim
B3 Big John Jeeter
B4 Two Girls In Love (With Each Other)


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Hayes Ware - Blues Ghetto Woman From Mississippi To Chicago (re-post + upgrade)

A1 Fishing
A2 I Can't Hide My Love
A3 Ride High
A4 Get It Right
A5 Llittle Sally Walker
A6 Ghetto Woman
B1 Searching For Love
B2 Gold Mine
B3 Poor Man
B4 Sound Of The Clock
B5 Blues Rock

Billy Branch: One memorable session that comes to mind was with Hayes Ware. You've heard of Hip Link Chain? For a few years Hayes played bass with Hip but he also played a little guitar. Hayes called me to do this project. The studio was right down the street from Theresa's. This old guy named Grover had a little basement studio. We had no rehearsal and this guy he played very rudimentary guitar but his songs were so original. Every time I play it for anyone, they always want a copy. The actual LP it's called Hayes Ware's Blues He Got A Woman. It is the funkiest sound and man you never heard a tone like I got in that studio. Never. This guy Grover was some kind of recording engineering genius. The tone of the harp is like the best of the tone of Sonny Boy on Chess Records. It's deep. That one was memorable because everything just fit. It was one of those magical moments. There were no rehearsals. Then you listen to it 20 years later and think damn that was some brilliant shit. (found on Youtube)

Doesn't get much funkier and low down than this gem.


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Lionel davis - The Electric Man (repost, Flac)

1 Big Breast Obsessed
2 A Woman Can Make Or Break A Man
3 Distant Season
4 Lonely Tour
5 Candy Pants
6 Big Breast Obsessed Inst.
7 Candy Pants Inst.


Friday, January 7, 2022

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Swamp Dogg - Droppin's


Swamp Dogg - Total Destruction To Your Mind

1-1 Swamp Dogg– Total Destruction To Your Mind 3:24

1-2 Swamp Dogg– Synthetic World 3:23

1-3 Swamp Dogg– Dust Your Head Colour Red 2:48

1-4 Swamp Dogg– Redneck 2:47

1-5 Swamp Dogg– If I Die Tomorrow (I've Lived Tonite) 2:50

1-6 Swamp Dogg– I Was Born Blue 2:58

1-7 Swamp Dogg– Sal-A-Faster 2:48

1-8 Swamp Dogg– The World Beyond 3:39

1-9 Swamp Dogg– These Are Not My People 2:36

1-10 Swamp Dogg– Everything You'll Ever Need 2:51

1-11 Swamp Dogg– The Baby Is Mine 2:48

1-12 Swamp Dogg– Mama's Baby, Daddy's Maybe 4:08

Swamp Dogg - Rat On!

2-1 Swamp Dogg– Do You Believe 2:50

2-2 Swamp Dogg– Predicament #2 3:07

2-3 Swamp Dogg– Remember I Said Tomorrow 2:41

2-4 Swamp Dogg– Creeping Away 2:51

2-5 Swamp Dogg– Got To Get A Message To You 4:08

2-6 Swamp Dogg– God Bless America, For What 3:34

2-7 Swamp Dogg– I Kissed Your Face 3:51

2-8 Swamp Dogg– That Ain't My Wife 3:15

2-9 Swamp Dogg– She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye 3:05

2-10 Swamp Dogg– Do Our Thing Together 4:07

Doris Duke - I'm A Loser

3-1 Doris Duke– He's Gone 4:34

3-2 Doris Duke– I Can't Do Without You 2:06

3-3 Doris Duke– Feet Start Walking 2:28

3-4 Doris Duke– Ghost Of Myself 3:06

3-5 Doris Duke– Your Best Friend 2:48

3-6 Doris Duke– The Feeling Is Right 2:44

3-7 Doris Duke– I Don't Care Anymore 3:05

3-8 Doris Duke– Congratulations Baby 2:00

3-9 Doris Duke– We're More Than Strangers 3:28

3-10 Doris Duke– Divorce Decree 2:28

3-11 Doris Duke– How Was I To Know You Cared 2:38

3-12 Doris Duke– To The Other Woman (I'm The Other Woman) 2:55

Z.Z. Hill - The Brand New Z.Z. Hill

4-1 Z.Z. Hill– It Ain't No Use 4:56

4-2 Z.Z. Hill– Ha Ha (Laughing Song) 4:25

4-3 Z.Z. Hill– Second Chance 5:00

4-4 Z.Z. Hill– Our Love Is Getting Better 4:00

4-5 Z.Z. Hill– Faithful & True 4:15

4-6 Z.Z. Hill– Choking Kind 3:09

4-7 Z.Z. Hill– Hold Back (One Man At A Time) 3:05

4-8 Z.Z. Hill– A Man Needs A Woman (A Woman Needs A Man) 3:14

4-9 Z.Z. Hill– Early In The Morning 2:47

4-10 Z.Z. Hill– I Think I'd Do It 2:15


4-11 Z.Z. Hill– Suppertime (Home Just Ain't Home At) 4:15

4-12 Z.Z. Hill– Just As I Am 3:42

4-13 Z.Z. Hill– Touch 'Em With Love 1:51

4-14 Z.Z. Hill– Put A Little Love In Your Heart 2:31

4-15 Z.Z. Hill– Just As I Am (Collector's Version) 3:42

4-16 Z.Z. Hill– Faithful And True (Collector's Version) 5:34

4-17 Z.Z. Hill– It's A Hang Up Baby 2:29

4-18 Z.Z. Hill– Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Collector's Version) 2:56

4-19 Z.Z. Hill– Hold Back (One Man At A Time) (Collector's Version) 3:18

4-20 Z.Z. Hill– Early In The Morning (Collector's Version) 3:55

4-21 Z.Z. Hill– I Think I'd Do It (Collector's Version) 2:29

Ruth Brown - Brown, Black And Beautiful

5-1 Ruth Brown– I Want To Sleep With You 4:10

5-2 Ruth Brown– What Color Is Blue 3:55

5-3 Ruth Brown– Brown Sugar 3:50

5-4 Ruth Brown– Lots More Of Me Leaving 4:12

5-5 Ruth Brown– It Ain't No Peace Of Cake 4:10

5-6 Ruth Brown– Stop Knocking 5:07

5-7 Ruth Brown– Old Fashioned Goodtime Loving You 4:35

5-8 Ruth Brown– Sugar Babe 3:15

5-9 Ruth Brown– My Ol' Bed 2:59

5-10 Ruth Brown– I Love My Man 2:45


Wilbert Harrison - Let's Work Together (repost, upgrade flac)

Louie, Louie 5:11
Let's Work Together 5:19
Kansas City 2:41
Peepin And Hidin 6:22
Tropical Shakedown 2:35
Blue Monday 2:55
Forgive Me 4:22
Soul Rattler 2:34
What Am I Living For 3:41
Stagger Lee 3:34
Stand By Me 3:49

Lacy Gibson - "Wishing Ring" (flac)

A1 Stripping Pt. 1

A2 I Feel So Old

A3 My Love Is Real

A4 Somebody

B1 Shuckling

B2 Oh That Loving Feeling

B3 Stripping Pt. 2

B4 I Wish I Had A Wishing Ring



Duane Yates - Sings Otis Redding

A1 Respect 3:36

A2 My Lover’s Prayer 3:36

A3 Dock Of The Bay 2:47

A4 Try A Little Tenderness 4:25

A5 Day Tripper 2:56

B1 I Can’t Turn You Loose 2:36

B2 Yesterday 3:54

B3 I’ve Been Loving You Too Long 5:33

B4 Sad Song 3:12

B5 Good To Me 3:34


NMR post:

Thanks go to John Ridley a.k.a Sir Shambling and imnokid for sharing this rare LP.

Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year

Let's be honest, 2020 was crap and 2021 was no better. So drink to 2022 and hope it goes down in history as a year when things got better for everyone.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Magic Slim - Live At B.L.U.E.S. (re-post)

A1 Luv Somebody 3:50
A2 Poor Man But A Good Man 4:20
A3 Gambler's Blues 3:13
A4 Jimmie 7:07
B1 Help Yourself 4:19
B2 Mother Fuyer 4:53
B3 That Will Never Do 3:54
B4 Keep A Driving 5:10


Piano 'C' Red - Flat Foot Boogie (re-post)

A1 Flat Foot Boogie
A2 Wish Me Well
A3 Mess Around (Live)
A4 One Minute After Midnight
A5 Miss Annie Lou
B1 Blues And Jazz (Live)
B2 Living In The Shack
B3 20 Years
B4 Slow Down And Cool It (Live)
B5 Happy Christmas Everybody


Friday, December 24, 2021

Xmas Break


Just like to wish all of you, your family and friends a very Happy Christmas and New Year   ... be it a white one, a wet one or a hot one but most of a happy and safe one.

Various - The Bayou Records Story (upgrade)


1 Red Callender And His Sextet – The Honey Jump Pt.1 2:38

2 Red Callender And His Sextet – The Honey Jump Pt.2 2:39

3 Red Callender– Soldier's Blues 2:23

4 Red Callender– In The Meantime 2:53

5 Mercy Dee – Anything In This World 2:27

6 Mercy Dee – Please Understand 3:02

7 Joe Houston– Sabre Jet 2:01

8 Joe Houston– Moody 2:46

9 Dave Bartholomew– Country Gal 2:23

10 Dave Bartholomew– Snatchin' Back 2:42

11 Jimmie Gil– Gather Round 2:34

12 Jimmie Gil– North Wind 2:34

13 L.C. Williams– Mean And Evil 2:54

14 L.C. Williams– My Darkest Hours 2:56

15 Clarence Samuels– Low Top Inn 2:46

16 Clarence Samuels– Drunk Or Sober 2:42

17 Jesse Allen– Dragnet 2:09

18 Jesse Allen– Take It Easy 2:32

19 Joe Houston– Pigtails 2:44

20 Joe Houston– Chillin' 1:58

21 Mercy Dee – Crepe On Your Door 2:42

22 Mercy Dee – Happy Bachelor 2:22

23 Big Jay McNeely– Hometown Jamboree 2:03

24 Big Jay McNeely– Teenage Hop 2:06

25 Joe Turner – Blues Jumped The Rabbit 2:28

26 Joe Turner – The Sun Is Shining 1:53

27 Fats Matthews– I'm Thankful 2:23

28 Fats Matthews– Goin' Down 2:32

29 Joe Houston– Landslide 1:55

30 Joe Houston– Scramble 2:04

31 Big Jay McNeely– Catastrophe 1:58

32 Big Jay McNeely– Calamity 1:44