Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Break from re-posting

 There has been a lot of requests lately for new links to old postings.  I can understand this as you might have missed it first time round. For me it's come to the point where it's getting the overhand in what I do here and it's not very productive for me. So I'm slowing down and will do the occasional reposting once a week. .. so keep an eye out for your request. 
Also check out the Blues blogs such as Blues Blues Blues or New Blues Years as they both have an very extensive collection online and more than likely have what you want.
Requests for music that have not been posted before are always welcome and if I can fill the request I will or someone else is more than likely to help out.


These are the requests that willed be filled soon. Possibly I'll upgrade Harmonica Frank and Model T-Slim to Flac.

Harmonica Frank Floyd - Blues That Made The Roosters Dance!" (Upgrade)

Gabriel Brown - And His Guitar (Policy Wheel 4952)

 Model T-Slim - Somebody Done Voodoo The Hoodoo Man

 Goin' Up The Country DeccaLK 4931. 

 Bobo Jenkins  3 Lp's

Links in red are available.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Sonny Rhodes - I Don't want My Blues Colored Bright (re-post upgrade)

One More Drink
Take The Bitter With The Sweet
Just Got In
All Night Long They Play The Blues
Killing Floor
I'm So Lonely
Country Boy
How Long
J.J's Blues In G
Sitting & Thinking


Harmonica Frank Floyd - Swamp Root (repost upgrade)

A1 Kansas City Blues
A2 Step It Up And Go
A3 Fox Chase
A4 Moonshiner's Daughter
A5 You Don't Know My Mind
A6 Anniversary Blue Yodel
A7 Memphis To New Orleans
B1 Rockin' Chair Daddy
B2 Ring-Tailed Tom
B3 Married Man's Blues
B4 Sleepy Eyed John
B5 What Are You Aquawkin About?
B6 Peckerwood Song
B7 Sittin' On Top Of The World


NMR this time but thanks go to the original poster

Monday, May 10, 2021

Butch Cage - Raise a Rukus Tonight (re-post)

A1 –Butch Cage, Willie Thomas   Mean Old Frisco
A2 –Robert 'Pete' Williams  Black Cat Bone
A3 –Clarence Edwards   Awful Blue
A4 –Willie Thomas, Butch Cage   If I Had My Way
A5 –Charles Henderson She Was A Woman Didn't Mean No Man No Good
A6 –Clarence Edwards     Come On Baby, Don't You Want To Go
A7 –Butch Cage, Willie Thomas    Tomorrow Gonna Be My Trying Day
A8 –Willie Thomas, Butch Cage    Raise A Ruckus Tonight
B1 –Willie Thomas, Butch Cage    Let Your Light Shine On Me
B2 –Charles Henderson Rock Island Blues
B3 –Clarence Edwards     I Got A Coal Black Mare
B4 –Charles Henderson Corrine, Corrina
B5 –Willie Thomas, Butch Cage   I Shall Not Be Moved
B6 –Robert 'Pete' Williams    Hoodoo Blues
B7 –Clarence Edwards      Can't Stand To Be Your Dog
B8 –Butch Cage, Willie Thomas  I Take The Blues When It Rains

NMR post: 

Thanks go to Marc at the New Blues Years Blog and Daba for passing on the file.

Black Gold (Flac, 1,85gb, available until the 20th May)

Volume One
1-1 I Was Made To Love Her, Ain't Too Proud To Beg (Part 1 & 2) 8:35
1-2 Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (The Session, Take 1-15) 32:43
1-3 Long Hot Summer Night (Part 1 & 2) (Jimi Solo) 4:23
1-4 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) (Jimi Solo) 4:00
1-5 Moon Turn The Tides... Gently Gently Away (Jimi Solo) 3:28
1-6 Angel (Jimi Solo) 3:22
1-7 Cherokee Mist (Jimi Solo) 3:12
1-8 Getting My Heart Back Together Again (Jimi Solo) 1:21
1-9 Voodoo Chile (Jimi Solo) 6:07
1-10 Gypsy Eyes (Jimi Solo) 5:53
1-11 Gypsy Eyes (Jimi Solo) 4:14
2-1 South Saturn Delta 3:29
2-2 Rainy Day: Dream Away (Overdub Session, Take 1) 0:56
2-3 Rainy Day: Dream Away (Take 2) 2:19
2-4 Rainy Day: Dream Away (Take 3) 10:21
2-5 Third Stone From The Sun, Villanova Junction Blues (Instr.) 14:05
2-6 Jam Back At The House (Instr.) 5:47
2-7 Bleeding Heart 3:48
2-8 Pride Of Man (Take 1) 1:28
2-9 Pride Of Man (Take 2) 2:18
2-10 Midnight, Valley Of Neptune Arising (Take 1-7) 14:51
2-11 Sending My LoveTo Linda (Instr.Take 1-3) 11:06
Volume Two
3-1 Had To Cry Today 16:30
3-2 Paper Aeroplanes (Rehearsal Sessions) 26:41
3-3 Blue Suede Shoes (Jam) 11:36
3-4 Izabella (Reel 4, Take 2, Overdub-Session) 3:50
3-5 Izabella 4:41
3-6 Honey Bed (Take 1-5) 7:52
4-1 Mannish Boy (Rehearsal Session, Take 1-7) 39:55
4-2 Closer To The Truth (Roomful Of Mirrors) 22:06
Volume Three
5-1 Voodoo Chile (The Blues Session, Take 1-5) 36:44
5-2 Instrumental Jam (Jimi & Mitch) Incl.: Stepping Stone, Sending My Love To Linda, Freedom, Here Comes The Sun, Cherokee Mist, All Devil's Children 23:48
5-3 Three Little Bears (Jimi Solo) 10:05
5-4 Gypsy Eyes (Jimi Solo) 2:38
5-5 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be) (Jimi Solo) 4:27
5-6 Untitled Instrumental 0:44

Disc 1:
Track 1: Playhouse Theatre, London - October 6, 1967
Tracks 2-11: Drake Hotel, NYC - April 17, 1968

Disc 2:
Track 1: Record Plant, NY - June 14, 1968
Tracks 2-4: Record Plant, NYC - June 10, 1968
Track 5: Record Plant, NYC - May 14, 1968
Track 6: Electric Lady, NYC - June 16, 1970
Track 7: Record Plant, NYC - March 24, 1969
Tracks 8-9: Record Plant, NY - September 24, 1969
Track 10: Olmstead, NY - April 3, 1969
Track 11: Record Plant, NY - April 21, 1969

Disc 3:
Track 1: Electric Lady, NYC - July 23, 1970
Track 2: Record Plant, NY - November 21, 1969
Track 3: Record Plant, NY - January 23, 1970
Tracks 4-5: Record Plant, NY - November 7, 1969
Track 6: Sheridan Square, NYC - September 10, 1969

Disc 4:
Track 1: Record Plant, NY - January 7, 1970
Track 2: 25 Brook Street, London - March 10, 1969

Disc 5:
Track 1: Record Plant, NY - May 1, 1968
Track 2: 59 W. 12 St., NYC - February 10, 1970
Tracks 3-6: Record Plant, NY - April 20, 1968

I won't be reposting this so get it now while you can.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Willis Jackson - Call Of The Gators

1 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra Blow, Jackson Blow 2:36
2 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra More Blues At Midnight 3:09
3 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra Later For The Gator 2:40
4 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra Dance Of The Lady Bug 2:32
5 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man 2:46
6 –Eddie Mack with The Bobby Smith Orchestra Gonna Hoot And Holler            Saturday Night (Alternate) 2:57
7 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra Call Of The Gators 3:04
8 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra On My Own 2:52
9 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra Chuck's Chuckles 2:55
10 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra Later For The Gator (Alternate) 2:41
11 –Eddie Mack with The Bobby Smith Orchestra Lemonade 2:52
12 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra More Blues At Midnight (Alternate) 3:07
13 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra Call Of The Gators (Alternate) 2:44
13 –Willis Jackson & His Orchestra Blow, Jackson Blow (Alternate) 2:36

Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Dog Days

01 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Real Best Friend.mp3     
02 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Stealing.mp3             
03 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Abertdeen Blues.mp3      
04 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Go Ahead Buddy.mp3       
05 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Knocking Myself Out.mp3  
06 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Pushing Up Daisies.mp3   
07 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - If I Had Possession.mp3  
08 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Stagolee.mp3             
09 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - You Got to Move.mp3      
10 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Wind in My Donut.mp3     
11 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Avalon.mp3               
12 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - A Few of Your Lines.mp3  
13 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Can't Go Back No More.mp3
14 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - Preaching Blues.mp3      
15 - Washboard Chaz Blues Trio - I'm So Glad.mp3          

Walter (Horton) & Floyd (Jones) - Do Nothing Til You Hear From Us

A1 She´s Got A Nickel
A2 Don´t Get Around Much Anymore
A3 Stockyard Blues
A4 When The Moon Rise High
A5 Talk About Your Daddy
B1 Mr. Freddies Blues
B2 Hey Little Girl
B3 Overseas Blues
B4 Take A Little Walk

Various - The KRC Story

1 –Lloyd Price Just Because
2 –Lloyd Price Why
3 –Lloyd Price The Chicken And The Bop
4 –Lloyd Price Lonely Chair
5 –The King Bees Can't You Understand
6 –The King Bees Lovely Love
7 –Lloyd Price Georgianna
8 –Lloyd Price Hello Little Girl
9 –Stella Johnson Please Tell Me So
10 –Stella Johnson Yeah Baby
11 –Lloyd Price How Many Times
12 –Lloyd Price To Love And Be Loved
13 –Lloyd Price Such A Mess
14 –Lloyd Price No Limit To Love
15 –Eddy Seacrest Shakin' With A Flavor
16 –Eddy Seacrest Down By The River
17 –Lloyd Price Gonna Let You Come Back Home
18 –Lloyd Price Down By The River
19 –Little Jimmie Merritt Fancy Free
20 –Little Jimmie Merritt Honky Tonk Angel

Various - High Water Blues (repost)

A1 –Isaiah Chattman Cold In Hand
A2 –L.V. Conerly Hard Headed Woman
A3 –L.V. Conerly High Water
A4 –John Henry "Bubba" Brown Sister Kate
A5 –John Henry "Bubba" Brown Corinna
A6 –Fiddlin' Joe Martin Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
A7 –Woodrow Adams Pony Blues
B1 –Houston Stackhouse Return Mail
B2 –Houston Stackhouse Talkin' 'Bout You
B3 –Woodrow Adams How Long
B4 –Cary Lee Simmons Doodleville Blues
B5 –Boogie Bill Webb Seven Sisters Blues
B6 –Charlie Taylor (4) I Got The Blues
B7 –Charlie Taylor (4) Midnight Blues


Various - North Florida Fives (repost)

A1 –Blind Donald Dawson - Wednesday Evening Easeoff
A2 –Fats Jefferson - Hard Luck Blues
A3 –Elroy Hart - Sunday Drive
A4 –Fats Jefferson - Hot Nuts
A5 –Elroy Hart - Tribute To Seminole Charlie Flint
A6 –Fats Jefferson - Married Woman Blues
B1 –Elroy Hart - South Division Blues
B2 –Fats Jefferson - Tricks Ain't Walkin' No More
B3 –Elroy Hart - North Florida Fives
B4 –Fats Jefferson - Can't Get 5
B5 –Blind Donald Dawson - Lowdown And Lonesome


Various - Goin' back To Tifton (repost)

A1 –Blind Donald Dawson - Rack 'em Slow
A2 –Buddy Durham - Jailhouse Blues
A3 –Sylvester Rankin - New York Boogie
A4 –C. D. Dobbs - Aberdeen Women
A5 –Buddy Durham - Goin' Back To Tifton
A6 –Fats Jefferson - Love Me Blues
A7 –John Carter - Some Got 6 Months
A8 –C. D. Dobbs - Sail On
B1 –C. D. Dobbs - You Know My Rider
B2 –Elroy Hart - Sunday Drive - Take 1
B3 –Buddy Durham - Blues All Around My Head
B4 –Sylvester Rankin - Vassapool Blues
B5 –Willie Morris - Broke Down Blues
B6 –Buddy Durham - Give Me A Little Camphor
B7 –C. D. Dobbs - I Had A Little Woman

Thanks go to New Blues Years blog for sharing

Friday, May 7, 2021

John P. Kee - 'Yes Lord' (repost)

1 Yes Lord 5:39
2 I Worship Thee 5:09
3 No One Can Stop Me 3:44
4 Nobody But The Lord 5:09
5 Happy 4:23
6 Give It To Jesus 4:17
7 Choose Ye This Day 3:23
8 He's Coming Back 5:25

KansasJoe post: 

Various - American Blues Legends 79 (Repost)

Eddie C. Campbell - Love With You Baby
Eddie C. Campbell - Lock What You Done
Chico Chism - High Rise Blues
Chico Chis - 480 Pounds
Good Rockin' Charles - I Wish I Had Somebody
Good Rockin' Charles - I'm Goin' Home Where Women Got Meat On Their Bones
Billy The Kid Emerson - Buzzard Luck
Billy The Kid Emerson - Conjured
Little Smokey Smothers - Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
Little Smokey Smothers - All Your Love
Lester Davenport - I'm Tryin'
Lester Davenport - No Peace


American Blues Legends 79 (Repost)

Comes with bios and photos of Eddie C. Campbell, Good Rockin' Charles , Billy The Kid Emerson and more.
Funny how one's memory fades into a blank as I can't remember a thing about the concert.