Sunday, October 1, 2023

Homesick James - Got To Move (Repost)

1 Can't Afford To Do It 2:50
2 Tin Pan Alley 4:33
3 Mr. Pawnshop Man (Three Ball Blues) 3:02
4 Baby Please Set A Date 3:22
5 Welfare Girl 5:45
6 Hawaiian Boogie 2:50
7 Dust My Broom 2:38
8 That's All Right 4:11
9 Highway 51 4:29
10 Tennessee Woman 5:15
11 Got To Move 2:48
12 Bein' With The One You Love (Lost Lover Blues) 3:01
13 Homesick's Woman 5:54
14 Homesick Talking 0:21

Various - Buried Treasures Presents ....... Soul Diamonds (partial repost)

Thanks go also to the original rippers and TZ for sharing these gems that I've posted. 

Thank you Jean-Jacques Mura for the Columbia rip,to S13 for the Polydor rip and Allmusicman for the ABC Soul Diamonds

A big thanks also go to Burney Redding for sharing the final 3 missing volumes marked NEW NEW.

A big thanks go to Swingkid65 for sharing the latest volume Coral & Decca Soul Diamonds  NEW   NEW


Saturday, September 30, 2023

T-Bone Walker - I Want A Little Girl (Repost, Update)

A1 I Want A Little Girl 4:53
A2 I Hate To See You Go 3:40
A3 Feeling The Blues 6:14
A4 Leaving You Behind 4:16
B1 Baby Ain't I Good To You 4:27
B2 Someone's Going To Mistreat You 3:27
B3 Ain't This Cold, Baby 6:34
B4 Late Hours Blues 6:50


Lil Bob & The Lollipops - Back Again (re-post)

A1        I Can't Take It     2:49
A2        Mo Jo    3:40
A3        I Got Loaded    3:27
A4        Ain't Got A Home    3:27
A5        So In Need Of Someone     3:14
B1        Stand By Me    2:48
B2        High Road    3:03
B3        You Made A Move    3:08
B4        Nobody But You    3:13
B5        Nobody But You (Instrumental)    4:05

KansasJoe Post:

Mohawks - The Champ (Update)

        The Original Album   
A1        The Champ
A2        Hip Jigger
A3        Sweet Soul Music
A4        Dr. Jekyll & Hyde Park
A5        Senior Thump
A6        Landscape
B1        Baby Hold On
B2        Funky Broadway
B3        Rocky Mountain Roundabout
B4        Sound Of The Witchdoctors
B5        Beat Me Till I'm Blue
B6        Can You Hear Me
        Non-LP Sides   
C1        Ride Your Pony
C2        Western Promise
C3        Pepsi
C4        Mony, Mony
D1        The Champ (Extended Mix)
D2        Landscape (Extended Mix)5

Abb Locke - Big City Blues (Repost)

Motel Blues
Big City Blues
Going Home
Blues, Blues, Blues
43rd Street Blues And Grease
Chicago Blues Rap

KansasJoe post:

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Ram Jam Holder - Black London Blues/Bootleg Blues

 Black London Blues    
1        Brixton Blues
2        Pub Crawling Blues
3        Too Much Blues
4        Notting Hill Eviction Blues
5        Black London Blues
6        Ladbroke Grove Blues
7        Sleeping Alone Tonight Blues
8        Wimpy Bar Blues
9        Piccadilly Circus Blues
10        Hampstead To Lose The Blues
  Bootleg Blues    
11        Definition Blues
12        Low Down In Paris
13        Saturday's Child
14        Bed Sitter Girl
15        London Paris Rome Blues Express
16        Way Up High
17        Hampstead Blues
18        Blues Over Europe
19        The Blues In Moscow
20        Freedom I'm Ready

Marion Williams - Strong Again

        Prayer List    2:30
        This Wicked Race    2:48
        Strong Again    2:36
        Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child    3:44
        God Bless The Child    4:39
        Holy Ghost Don't Leave Me    4:39
        Peace Be Still    3:15
        Working On A Building    2:41
        In My Heart    2:20
        The New Burying Ground    2:47
        A Charge To Keep I Have    2:34
        Wake Me, Shake Me    3:48
        O Happy Day    3:42
        He'll Understand And Say Well Done    3:46
        Lion In The Tribe Of Judah    2:36
        He's Yet Alive    2:36
        I Thank You Lord    2:45
        Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah    3:29
        If You See Me Saviour    2:54
        Just As I Am    2:21

Johnny Copeland - Sings The Blues (Repost, Upgrade)


A1        Gonna Make My Home Where I Hang My Hat
A2        The Hip Hop
A3        Tribute To Sam Cook
A4        Four Dried Beans
A5        Stealing
B1        Hurt Hurt Hurt
B2        Johnny Ace Medley
B3        Nobody's Business
B4        Working Mans Blues
B5        I've Gotta Go Home


Henry Brown - Henry Brown Blues (Repost, Upgrade)

A1        Henry Brown Blues
A2        Got It And Cain't Quit It
A3        Bottled In Bond
A4        Blues For Charlie O'Brien
A5        Deep Morgan Is Delmar Now
B1        Henry Brown Boogie
B2        O'Fallon Blues
B3        My Blues Is In The Bottle
B4        Papa Slick Head
B5        Handyman Blues
B6        Scufflin' Boogie


Thursday, September 7, 2023

Little Joe Blue - Dirty Work Going On (Repost, Upgrade)

Big Leg Woman 3:58
Dirty Work Going On 3:57
Don't Start Me To Talking 4:06
Encourage Me Baby 4:05
Just Your Fool 3:10
Stop Wasting My Time/Don't Waste My Time 3:42
Let Me Love You 3:00
How Could You Do It To Me 3:51


New Blues Blog On The Block

 Yardraw, with the help of Marcfr, has started a new Blog named "Pre War Blues and Beyond". 

 Go check out the the first postings.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Little Joe Blue - I'm Doing All Right Again (Repost, Upgrade)

I'm Doing All Right Again
As Mean As I've Been Good (Double Dealing)
I'm Not Blind
Me And My Woman
Devil In Disguise
My Tomorrow
You Keep My Nose To The Grinding Stone


Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Little Joe Blue - Blue & The Blues Are Back Repost, Upgrade)

A1        Doin' Some Serious Living
A2        I Got You On My Mind
A3        Who's The Fool
A4        Been Nowhere And Don't Care
B1        Lonesome Feeling
B2        Wasn't Born Yesterday
B3        Shopping Instead
B4        You Got To Come To Me

Little Joe Blue - Don't Tax Me In (Repost)

A1 Introducing Little Joe Blue
A2 You Got To Come To Me
A3 Who's The Fool?
A4 Lonesome Feeling
A5 Shopping Instead
B1 You're On My Mind
B2 Doin' Some Serious Living
B3 Don't Tax Me In
B4 Joe's Soul Thang
B5 Lonely