Thursday, April 2, 2020

Hollywood Fats & Margie Evans - Live Monterey Jazz Festival 1980

Hollywood Fats Band with Margie Evans
Blues Saturday, Monterey Jazz Festival
Monterey, California
September 20, 1980

01. Introduction
02. Too Much Jelly Roll
03. Okie Dokie Stomp
04. Have a Good Time
05. Bad Boy A Long Way From Home
06. Nitwit
--Margie Evans & the Hollywood Fats Band
07. Margie's Introduction
08. 29 Ways To Get To My Baby's Door
09. Trouble, Trouble, Trouble
10. Margie's Boogie

Fred Kaplan - Keyboards
Larry Taylor - Bass
Richard Innes  - Drums
Hollywood Fats  - Guitar

Here's another one for you folks...this is from my personal tape collection I thought you all might's from the 1980 Monterrey Jazz Festival Saturday Blues Afternoon show I recorded off of the radio...It's the Hollywood Fats Band with guest Margie was transferred to digital by the same person who did the LB Lenoir vinyl rip posted here earlier...the sound is pretty good for a nearly 40 year old cassette...enjoy.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Bobi Jackson - Alligator Woman

1. Alligator Woman
2. I Jus' Wanna Make Love To You
3. Do The Daddy Don
4. Hard Rockin' Woman
5. Born Under A Bad Sign
6. Would You Be Here? (for Janis Joplin)
7. Merida
8. Love Your Neighbor

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Charlie Love - So Happy I could Cry a.k.a Love Of The Blues

1 Western Union Man
2 Long Distance Call
3 She Put Me Out
4 Refund
5 Somebody Have Mercy
6 The Blues Keeps Following Me
7 I'm Leaving You
8 I Called Your Mama
9 Trouble
10 Goin' Down To The Liquor Store
11 So Happy I Could Cry

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Harmonica Frank Floyd - The Great Medical Menagerist

1 Mosquito Bar Britches 4:23
2 Blue Yodel #6 3:58
3 Swamproot 4:52
4 Tour De Floyd 3:35
5 Great Medical Menagerist 4:19
6 Sweet Temptation 3:24
7 Howlin' Tomcat 4:30
8 Shampoo 3:03
9 Blue Yodel #7 3:22
10 Steppin' To Convington 3:27
11 Movement Like An Elgin 4:51
12 Knothole Blues 3:18

Travis "Moonchild" Haddix - Company Is Coming

1 Rough Side Drag
2 Tuesday Morning
3 Grandsons Are Fun
4 We Spell OX
5 My Pet Peeve
6 Bad News Woman
7 Let It Show
8 Darkness Around My Heart
9 The Time Is Now
10 All I Can Do Is Sit And Cry
11 Loneliness
12 Company Is Coming

kansasJoe post:

Various - No Jive, Authentic Southern Country Blues

1 –The Leap Frogs Things Gonna Change
2 –The Leap Frogs Dirty Britches
3 –The Dixie Doodlers She Was All I Had
4 –The Dixie Doodlers Best Of Friends
5 –Shy Guy Douglas Wasted Time
6 –Shy Guy Douglas I'm Your Country Man
7 –Louis Campbell (2) Gotta Have You Baby
8 –Louis Campbell (2) The Natural Facts
9 –Shy Guy Douglas No Place Like Home
10 –Shy Guy Douglas She's My Kinda Girl
11 –Slim Hunt Welcome Home Baby
12 –Arthur Gunter She's Mine, All Mine
13 –Arthur Gunter You Are Doing Me Wrong
14 –Arthur Gunter Honey Babe
15 –Little Al No Jive
16 –Little Al Little Lean Woman
17 –Little Al Every Day Brings About A Change
18 –Little Al Easy Ridin' Buggy
19 –Robert Garrett (3) Do Remember
20 –Robert Garrett (3) Quit My Drinkin'
21 –Chas Dowell with James Stuart (3) Everybody Drinkin' Wine
22 –Chas Dowell with James Stuart (3) I've Been Jumpin' And Stompin'
23 –Good Rockin' Bob Ain't No Need To Cry
24 –Good Rockin' Bob I'm Bad

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Guitar Crusher - Live At Quasimodo (re-post)

Live (no audience) recording from 1987 at the Quasimodo club in Berlin. Nice funky blues and as it's a "dummy head" recording it's best to listen to it with headphones.
If you're a bit of a dummy like me read this article for an explanation of what a dummy head recording is.
Thanks go to someone for sharing.


Guitar Crusher - I Can Do Bad Myself (mono, re-post)

A1 Bartender Advice 4:13
A2 I Can't Just Pull You Down 5:00
A3 My Heart's On Strike 7:00
B1 Broken Heart Like Mine 5:22
B2 Coney Island Moonlight 5:32
B3 I Can Do Bad By Myself 8:15

Various - Carolina Country Blues (re-post)

Henry Johnson
- Crow Jane
Guitar Shorty
- Hold On Baby
Henry Johnson
- My Mother's Grave Must Be Found
Peg Leg Sam
- Fox Chase
Willie Trice
- Baby, Baby
Henry Johnson
- Hey, Noah
- Had A Little Woman

Henry Johnson
- Union County Slide (instr.)
Willie Trice
- Shine On
Henry Johnson
- Step It Up And Went
Guitar Shorty
- Scat Boogie
Henry Johnson
- Me And My Dog
Willie Trice
- Poor Boy Long Ways From Home
Elester Anderson
- Further Down The Road
Henry Johnson
- Sittin' Down Thinkin'
rec. March 1973 live at Chapel Hill Festival, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC by Pete Lowry
Thanks go to Stefan for all his work at


Jimmy Reeves Jr. - Born To Love Me (re-post)

Love That Woman 4:44
Hoo Doo Blues 2:33
Put It All There 3:05
Born To Love Me 3:20
I Love You Baby 4:56
Bright Lights, Big City 3:44
Baby What's On Your Mind 4:39
Don't Let That Music Die 3:52
Shame, Shame, Shame 4:39
Honest I Do 4:07
Baby Whatcha Want Me To Do 4:35


Johnny B. Moore - Hard Times (STEREO, re-post)

A1 Hard Times 5:42
A2 Fast Talkin Fannie 4:07
A3 Liquor Store Blues 3:02
A4 Groove Thing 3:52
A5 In The Closet 4:16
B1 Whiskey Drinkin' Woman 3:40
B2 Just Like That 3:58
B3 Confusion 3:41
B4 Don't Blame Shorty 3:10
B5 Sacrifice 2:55
B6 Troubled World 2:50

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Monday, March 30, 2020

J.B. Lenoir - Chess Blues Masters (FLAC)

Natural Man
Don't Dog Your Woman
Let Me Die With The One I Love
Carrie Lee
Mama What About Your Daughter
If I Give Me To You
Five Years
Don't Touch My Head
I've Been Down So Long
What Have I Done
Eisenhower Blues
Korea Blues
Everybody Wants To Know
I'm In Korea
Mama Your Daughter's Going To Miss Me
We Can't Go On This Way
Give Me One More Shot
When I Am Drinking
J.B.'s Rock
If You Love Me
Low Down Dirty Shame
Man Watch Your Woman
Mama Talk To Your Daughter
Sitting Down Thinking
Daddy Talk To Your Son
I Don't Know
Good Looking Woman
Voodoo Boogie


Many thanks to Nappyrags for sharing this improved flac rip of the classic J.B. Lenoir DLP.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Various - N.Y On Fire Bobby's Harlem Rock Vol. 2 (re-post)

A1 –Sammy Myers* With Elmore James Angel Child
A2 –Sammy Myers* With Elmore James Little Girl
A3 –Sammy Myers* You Don't Have To Go
A4 –Sammy Myers* Sad Lonesome Day
A5 –Johnny Acey I Go Into Orbit
A6 –Johnny Acey What Am I Going To Do
A7 –Bobby Long (3) The Pleasure Is All Mine
B1 –Mighty Joe Young Why Baby
B2 –Mighty Joe Young Empty Arms
B3 –B. Brown And His Rockin' McVouts Hardworking Man
B4 –B. Brown And His Rockin' McVouts My Baby Left Me
B5 –B. Brown And His Rockin' McVouts Rockin' With "B"
B6 –B. Brown And His Rockin' McVouts Fannie Mae Is Back
B7 –B. Brown And His Rockin' McVouts Candied Yams
B8 –Johnny Chef Baby Please Come Back
C1 –Hal Paige And The Whalers After Hours Blues
C2 –Hal Paige And The Whalers Going Back My Hometown
C3 –Dr. Horse I'm Tired Of It
C4 –Dr. Horse Think I Know
C5 –Paul Perryman Look At My Baby
C6 –Noble Watts And The Possum Bellys Featuring June Bateman Go Way Mr. Blues
C7 –Noble Watts And The Possum Bellys Featuring June Bateman Possum Belly Overalls
D1 –Sammy Taylor* Ain't That Some Shame
D2 –Sammy Taylor* Next In Line
D3 –Sammy Taylor* Your Precious Love
D4 –Billy Lewis (3) Heart Trouble
D5 –Tommy Tucker Watch Out
D6 –Tommy Tucker I Just Wanna Make Love To You
D7 –Bobby Porter Searching For Love
D8 –Bobby Porter Let's Make That Dream Come True

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Willie Willis & The Wildcatters - Down Home In Dallas (re-post)

1 Forgive Me, Baby 3:02
2 You Worry Me, Baby 2:42
3 It's All Over 3:41
4 You Used Me, Baby 2:29
5 I Love This Woman 4:04
6 I Need Love 2:20
7 Willie's Mood 3:08
8 Drivin' Woman Blues 3:33
9 Happy Holiday 2:39
10 I Love My Baby 3:34
11 Woman, What's On Your Mind? 2:38
12 I've Been A Fool 4:06

Willie Willis & The Wildcatters - Blues, Food For The Soul (re-post)

A1 Happy Holiday
A2 Woman, What's On Your Mind
A3 I Need Love
A4 I Love This Woman
B1 You Used Me Baby
B2 Don't Think I'm No Fool
B3 I've Been A Fool
B4 It's All Over Baby
B5 Black Nights