Sunday, September 20, 2020

Billy Martin & The Soul Jets

A1 Get Back
A2 The Strut
A3 Il Silenzio
A4 Walk On The Wildside
A5 Proud Mary
B1 Nothing But A Heartache
B2 Peaches & Cream
B3 Exodus
B4 Back At The Chicken Shack
B5 Music To Watch Girls By

Thanks go to M for sharing this rare LP with us and as far as I know it hasn't been re-released yet.

Freddy King, Lula reed, Sonny Thompson - Boy - Girl - Boy

Do The President Twist 2:44
I Got A Notion 2:56
Know What You're Doing 2:58
You Can't Hide 3:00
What Makes You So Cold 2:02
Puddentane 2:13
(Let Your Love) Watch Over Me 2:58
I'm A Woman (But I Don't Talk Too Much) 2:58
Waste No More Tears 2:45
It's Easy Child 3:08
I Know 2:20
Why Don't You Come On Home 2:30

Charles Wilson - Blues In The Key Of C

Who It's Going To Be
Is It Over
Leaning Tree
You Cut Off My Love Supply
Let's Have A Good Time
Selfish Lover
It's A Crying Shame
I've Got A God Woman

Various - Dapper Cats, Groovy Tunes & Hot Guitars

1 –Johnny Watson And Jeannie Telephone Boogie
2 –Johnny Watson I Got A Girl (That Lives Over Yonder)
3 –Henry Strogin My Aching Feet
4 –Robert McKirby I've Been Blind Blind Blind
5 –Jimmy Nolan Jimmy's Jive
6 –Richard Lewis Hey Little Girl
7 –Abe Moore Bingo
8 –Roy "Happy" Easter Talk To Me Baby
9 –Larry Waters Sad Stories
10 –Tony Allen  And Barbara Check Yourself
11 –T. W. Sams Someday
12 –Preston Love & Orchestra Country Boogie
13 –Pete 'Guitar' Lewis Get Away From Here
14 –Dessa Ray Ain't Gonna Tell
15 –Johnny Otis Wiggle Walk
16 –Devonia "Lady Dee" Williams Things Won't Be Right Without You
17 –Jessie & Joyce Much More
18 –Ray Johnson Itty Bitty Bee
19 –Little Billy Robbins Baby Please Come Home
20 –Little Billy Robbins Gotta Have Lovin'
21 –Johnny Otis & The Jayos The Blooper
22 –Little Arthur Matthews With Johnny Otis Orchestra   Bad Bad Bulldog
23 –Little Arthur Matthews Hot Diggety Dog
24 –Johnny Otis & His Orchestra Dead Man's Hop

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Various - Oakland Blues (re-post)

A1 –L. C. ''Good Rockin'' Robinson - Clean Your House
A2 –L. C. ''Good Rockin'' Robinson - Train Time Blues
A3 –L. C. ''Good Rockin'' Robinson - Jack Rabbit Boogie
A4 –L. C. ''Good Rockin'' Robinson - Separate Ways
A5 –L. C. ''Good Rockin'' Robinson - Bringin' My Baby Back Home
B1 –Lafayette "Thing" Thomas - Party With Me
B2 –Lafayette "Thing" Thomas - I Had A Dream
B3 –Lafayette "Thing" Thomas - A Fool's Way Of Doin' Things
B4 –Dave Alexander - Love Is Just For Fools
B5 –Dave Alexander - Good Soul Music
B6 –Dave Alexander - Highway 69


Thursday, September 17, 2020

Oliver Morgan - Who Shot Em! (re-post)

1. La La Man
2. Nitty Gritty
3. Steal Away
4. Who Shot The La La
5. You Make My Liver Quiver
6. New Second Line
7. On Thin Ice
8. Knock On Wood
9. The Things I used To Do
10. High Heal Sneakers

KansasJoe post:

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

James Booker & Others - Boogie Woogie And Ragtime Piano Contest (re-post)

A1 –Joachim Palden Pinetop's Boogie-Woogie
A2 –Joachim Palden Vienna Stomp
A3 –Joachim Palden Roll'Em Pete
A4 –Joachim Palden Boogie-Woogie Stomp
A5 –Markus Ammann Honky Tonk Train Blues
A6 –Markus Ammann Swanee River
A7 –Markus Ammann Schlunggere-Special
B1 –Jürg Kienberger Kobi's Boogie
B2 –Jürg Kienberger Head Stone Rag
B3 –Martin Jäger (2) Dr. Randall Rag
B4 –Martin Jäger (2) Black And White Rag
B5 –Martin Jäger (2) Honky Tonk Train Blues
B6 –Jan Zeman Buggatti Step
B7 –Jan Zeman Fur Elise
C1 –James Booker On The Sunny Side Of The Street
C2 –James Booker Black Night
C3 –James Booker Keep On Gwine
C4 –James Booker Come Rain Or Come Shine
C5 –James Booker Something Stupid
D1 –James Booker Please Send Someone To Love
D2 –James Booker Tell Me How Do You Feel
D3 –James Booker Let Them Talk
D4 –James Booker Come In My House


Monday, September 14, 2020

The Piano Blues Volume 1 - 21(last time re-post)

Vol.1-21:    size 1.8gb 

Can't remember if the files where tagged and judging by the file sizes bitrates might vary.
Big thanks to Sylvain for providing most of these volumes.
Files will be removed on the 21/9

Various - It's A Southern Blues Thing Vol. 1 (corrected tagging)

1 –The Mighty Men No Way Out
2 –Jessie "Guitar" Box Heart Trouble
3 –Ironing Board Sam Non Support (That's What The Judge Said)
4 –T.V. Slim And His Bluesmen You Won't Treat Me Right
5 –King Edward, Sammy Myers The Things I Used To Do
6 –Lightnin' Leon Dark, Muddy Bottom
7 –Willie Cobbs Worst Feeling (I Ever Had)
8 –Clyde Hopkins Fatten Pin
9 –Slim Sanders Bye Bye Baby
10 –Calvin Johnson (4) Lein On Your Body
11 –Johnny Little John She's Nineteen Years Old
12 –Model "T" Slim "T" Model Ford
13 –Ironing Board Sam I've Been Used
14 –Johnny "Big Moose" Walker Rambling Woman
15 –Eddie Clay Lorain, Lorain
16 –Clyde Hopkins Santa Fee
17 –Jolly George Married Too Soon
18 –Harmonica Joe Look Here Mama
19 –Little Willie Brown & The Cameos Do It Like That
20 –Little Boyd Ron-De-View
21 –Bill Rice (7) It's All Your Fault
22 –Model "T" Slim Burnt Out
23 –Calvin Johnson (4) Unsatisfied Mind
24 –T.V. Slim And His Bluesmen Love Bounce

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Cal Carter - Twist Along

What'd I Say
The Twist
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
Mashed Potatoes
Quarter To Three
The Roach
Wabash Blues
Back Home In Indiana
Mack The Knife

Various - Mississippi Burnin' Blues Vol. 2

1 –Eddie Rasberry What's The Matter With The Blues 5:10
2 –Eddie Rasberry Secret Weapon 4:30
3 –Eddie Rasberry Cold, Cold Winter Night 5:55
4 –Eddie Rasberry Your Husband Is A Mean Man 6:12
5 –Eddie Rasberry Cold, Cold Chicago 5:36
6 –"Big Daddy" Robert Robinson Just A Dream 4:53
7 –"Big Daddy" Robert Robinson I Don't Know, I Don't Care 4:04
8 –"Big Daddy" Robert Robinson Do What You Wanna' 4:37
9 –"Big Daddy" Robert Robinson Sweet Sixteen 3:36
10 –Melvin "Smokehouse" Moore Slip Away 4:09
11 –Melvin "Smokehouse" Moore I Ain't The One 3:10
12 –Melvin "Smokehouse" Moore Dog Day Blues 4:32
13 –Melvin "Smokehouse" Moore Tennessee 4:21
14 –Melvin "Smokehouse" Moore Missing Angel 3:32
15 –Melvin "Smokehouse" Moore Come To Me 4:04

Various - Mississippi Burnin' Blues

1 –Sweet Miss Coffy Pistol, Knife & Razor Too! 4:05
2 –Sweet Miss Coffy Broken-Hearted Woman 4:36
3 –Sweet Miss Coffy I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water 4:26
4 –Cadillac George Harris Using Me To Hurt Him 4:48
5 –Cadillac George Harris Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody’s Home 6:22
6 –Cadillac George Harris Dangerous Woman 3:30
7 –Cadillac George Harris That’s Alright 4:04
8 –George Jackson (3) I Want That Love Back 3:57
9 –George Jackson (3) Strugglin’ Lady 4:41
10 –George Jackson (3) Heart To Heart Collect 3:56
11 –George Jackson (3) Lonely Women 4:40
12 –Sweet Miss Coffy If It’s Love That You’re Trying To Fight 4:26
13 –Sweet Miss Coffy I’ve Been Watching You 4:27
14 –Sweet Miss Coffy Baby Don’t Do It 5:15
15 –Sweet Miss Coffy Back In The Streets Again 3:38

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Dorothy Malone - Gittin' Down Live! (re-post)

Talk to Me
Funny How Time Slips Away
Your Body's Here with Me
Dr. Feelgood
Lover Girl
Do Ya'
All Night Blue
Misty Blue
I Believe You
When Something Is Wrong with My Baby
He Thinks I Still Care
Baby What You Want Me to Do (Peepin' & Hidin')

KansasJoe post:

Charlie Lincoln & Willie Baker - Atlanta Blues 1927-1930 (re-post)

1 –Charley Lincoln Jealous Hearted Blues 3:35
2 –Charley Lincoln Hard Luck Blues 3:27
3 –Charley Lincoln Mojoe Blues 3:20
4 –Charley Lincoln My Wife Drove Me From My Door 3:22
5 –Charley Lincoln Country Breakdown 3:08
6 –Charley Lincoln Chain Gang Trouble 2:58
7 –Charley Lincoln If It Looks Like Jelly Shakes Like Jelly It Must Be     Gelatine 3:06
8 –Charley Lincoln Ugly Papa 2:38
9 –Charlie Lincoln* Depot Blues 3:03
10 –Charlie Lincoln* Gamblin' Charley 3:04
11 –Charlie Lincoln* Doodle Hole Blues 3:17
12 –Charlie Lincoln* Mama Don't Rush Me 3:04
13 –Willie Baker Mama Don't Rush Me Blues 2:52
14 –Willie Baker No No Blues 2:50
15 –Willie Baker Weak-Minded Blues 2:46
16 –Willie Baker Bad Luck Moan 3:02
17 –Willie Baker Ain't It A Good Thing? 2:53
18 –Willie Baker Crooked Woman Blues 3:17
19 –Willie Baker Rag Baby 3:18
20 –Willie Baker Weak-Minded Woman 2:56
21 –Willie Baker Sweet Petunia Blues

MR, thanks go to the original poster

Thursday, September 10, 2020