Monday, October 18, 2021

Wade Walton - Shake 'em On Down (upgrade)

A1 Big Fat Mamma
A2 Choo Choo De Shoo Shoo
Guitar – Memphis Mango*
A3 Short Hair Woman
A4 Forty-Four
A5 Kansas City Blues
B1 Rock Me, Mamma
B2 Blues, Stay Away From Me
B3 Parchman Farm
B4 Big Six
B5 Shake 'Em On Down


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Big Maceo - The Bluebird Recordings 1941-1942

Worried Life Blues


Ramblin' Mind Blues


County Jail Blues


Can't You Read


So Long Baby


Texas Blues


Tuff Luck Blues


I Got The Blues


It's All Up To You


Bye Bye, Baby


Why Should I Hang Around


Poor Kelly Blues


Some Sweet Day


Anytime For You


My Last Go Around


Since You Been Gone




Mississippi Heat - Footprint On The Ceiling

Goin' Home4:17
Jean's Jive3:04
She's Got Everything4:00
What Kind Of Man Is That?4:58
That Ain't Love3:45
Blues For George Baze4:12
Caribbean Sunshine3:28
Madcat Hop4:52
Hobo Blues3:38
Still Havin' A Ball3:48
Gonna Leave And Let Her Be3:47
What Else Can I Do?4:18
Footprints On The Ceiling3:40

Johnnie Taylor - Stop Half-Loving These Women

1 I Want To Get Into You

2 Never My Love

3 Heaven Bless This Home

4 Stop Half Loving These Women

5 I Want You Back Again

6 Bittersweet Love

7 Stormy Weather

8 Love Account

9 Please Don't Stop The Music

10 Sneakin'

KansasJoe post:

The Carter Brothers - Coming Back Singing The Blues

Things Gotta Change3:45
It’s Gonna Hurt
Coming Back Singing The Blues5:39
Anything For You3:20
Southern Country Boy2:50
Wonderful Girl4:35
Why Baby Why4:41
Let Me Love You5:32
Queen Bee3:55
Can’t Get Next To You4:47
Further Up On The Road3:28
Wrong Number4:41
Don’t Pity Me3:47

Friday, October 15, 2021

Lynn White - Am I too Much Woman For You (re-post)

A1 Too Much Woman
A2 It Ain't No Fun
A3 Rock Steady
A4 Pains In My Heart
B1 I Didn't Make My Move Too Soon
B2 Blues In My Bedroom
B3 School Girl Crush
B4 I Got Some News For You

NMR Post:

Harmonica Frank Floyd - The Great Medical Menagerist (repost)

1 Mosquito Bar Britches 4:23
2 Blue Yodel #6 3:58
3 Swamproot 4:52
4 Tour De Floyd 3:35
5 Great Medical Menagerist 4:19
6 Sweet Temptation 3:24
7 Howlin' Tomcat 4:30
8 Shampoo 3:03
9 Blue Yodel #7 3:22
10 Steppin' To Convington 3:27
11 Movement Like An Elgin 4:51
12 Knothole Blues 3:18

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Harmonica Frank Floyd - Recorded by William R. Daniels 1972-73 (repost)

Harmonica Frank Floyd Live
Recorded by William R. Daniels 1972-73

1. Intro (life story)
2. We feed our baby on garlic (?)
3. Train - harmonica instrumental
4. Tomorrow never comes
5. Sugarfoot Rag
6. Upon a partridge tree (?)
7. Rancho Grande
8. Chat/Breach of promise (?)
9. Chat/The supermarket (?)
10. Interview 29/10/72 at Margaret Hewitt Hall, First Church Congregational Cambridge Massachusetts   )
11. Howlin’ Tomcat
12. From Memphis to New Orleans
13. Ain’t gonna rain no more
14. Harmonica instrumental
15. Swamp Root
16. Unknown (?)
17. Chat

These are the titles as best as I could make of them. Any additions/corrections are very welcome.
A huge thanks to the person who shared these rare recordings with us.

Various - Unfinished Boogie, Western Blues Piano 1946-1952 (repost)

A1 –Thunder Smith* Thunder's Unfinished Boogie
A2 –Thunder Smith* New Worried Life Blues
A3 –Jimmy McCracklin Highway 101
A4 –Jimmy McCracklin Street Loafin' Woman
A5 –Thunder Smith* Little Mama Boogie
A6 –Mercy Dee* Straight And Narrow
A7 –Little Son Willis* Howling Woman
A8 –Little Son Willis* Roll Me Over Slow
B1 –Little Willie Littlefield Little Willie's Boogie
B2 –Thunder Smith* West Coast Blues
B3 –Thunder Smith* Low Down Dirty Ways
B4 –Luther "Rocky Mountain" Stoneham Mable Blues
B5 –Mercy Dee* The Pay Off
B6 –Mercy Dee* Baba-Du-Lay Fever (G.I. Fever)
B7 –Little Son Willis* Skin And Bones
B8 –Jimmy McCracklin Baby, Don't You Want To Go


Sunday, October 10, 2021

Eddie Shaw - Have Blues, Will Travel (repost, upgrade)


I've Got To Tell Somebody
This Little Voice
Blues Men Of Yesterday
I Can't Stop Loving You
Big Leg Woman
Back Door Wolf
I Don't Trust Nobody
Blues For The Westside
Riding High
I've Got To Tell Somebody (2nd Version)


Python Records (repost)

To save time I've decided to repost the Pythons as one large file. In the screenshot are the LP's  included in the file.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Various - Raw Blues Now (repost)

A1 –Otis Spann Pretty Girls Everywhere
A2 –John Mayall Burn Out Your Blind Eyes
A3 –Champion Jack Dupree Calcutta Blues
A4 –John Mayall & Steve Anglo Long Night
A5 –Otis Spann Country Boy
A6 –Curtis Jones You Got Good Business
A7 –John Mayall & Eric Clapton Lonely Years
B1 –Peter Green (2) & John Mayall Evil Woman Blues
B2 –Otis Spann My Home In The Desert
B3 –John Mayall Milkman Strut
B4 –Champion Jack Dupree 24 Hours Of Fear
B5 –Curtis Jones Roll Me Over
B6 –John Mayall & Eric Clapton Bernard Jenkins
B7 –Otis Spann You Gonna Need My Help
C1 –Savoy Brown Blues Band* Little Girl
C2 –Eddie Boyd Vacation From The Blues
C3 –Savoy Brown Blues Band* Shake 'Em On Down
C4 –John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Double Trouble
C5 –Eddie Boyd Pinetop's Boogie Woogie
C6 –Savoy Brown Blues Band* I Smell Trouble
D1 –Eddie Boyd Too Bad Part 1 / Too Bad Part 2
D2 –John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Jenny
D3 –Savoy Brown Blues Band* The Doormouse Rides The Rails
D4 –Amen Corner Gin House Blues
D5 –Eddie Boyd Letter Missin' Blues
D6 –Savoy Brown Blues Band* Black Night

A bit of snap, crackle & pop that couldn't be removed.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Jesse Thomas - Lookin' For That Woman


1 Blue Goose Blues 3:15

2 Behind Closed Doors 3:00

3 Lookin' For That Woman 3:19

4 Jack Of Diamonds 3:16

5 Boogie Woogie 2:32

6 Zetetter Blues 4:09

7 Guess I'll Walk Alone 3:19

8 Blues Is A Feelin' 4:04

9 Merry Christmas 3:25

10 Your Ways And Actions 2:55

11 Gumbo 3:56

12 Bessie Lavon 3:22

13 All That Stuff 2:48

14 Another Friend Like Me 3:26

15 Call Me 3:14

16 Blue Goose Blues 2:33

KansasJoe Post:

Various - Funny Bone Favorites


A1 Debbie Reynolds And Carleton Carpenter – Aba Daba Honeymoon

A2 The Hollywood Argyles – Alley-Oop

A3 The Coasters – Along Came Jones

A4 The Cadets – Stranded In The Jungle

A5 Phil Harris – The Thing

A6 Reunion – Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)

A7 Ray Stevens – Harry, The Hairy Ape

A8 Larry Verne – Mr. Custer

A9 Rick Dees – Disco Duck

B1 Ray Stevens – Ahab The Arab

B2 John Zacherle – Dinner With Drac

B3 Shirley Ellis – The Name Game

B4 Buzz Clifford – Baby Sittin' Boogie

B5 The Clovers – Love Potion #9

B6 The Olympics – Western Movies

B7 "Little" Jimmy Dickens – May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose

B8 The Coasters – Yakety Yak

B9 David Seville – Witch Doctor


Thrift store fun