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1st November Albert said...
I still looking for Jonnie Bassett & the Blues Insurgents* – Mean Feelin'-Eastlawn Records...many thanks
9th November Clunker Dunker said….    
The East Coast States, Vol 2  "Georgia-Carolinas-Virginia" Roots RL-326
12th November manmeetsdog said...
Hi, If anyone could point me in the direction of this collection, I would greatly appreciate it:
Blue Note: The SP Days 1939-1952
Label: Blue Note – TOCJ-5231-38 Country: Japan Released: Nov 28, 1990
Thanks for any help to locate it.    
14th November Gerard Herzhaft said...
I'm looking for a mp3 or anything else copy of an elusive Willie Mabon 45:
I'll keep on hurtin'/ I won't be back no more (Checker 1235)
Thanks a lot

14th November Anonymous said ...
I'm lookin for Jiving On Central Avenue vols. 1-5 (Blaze). Love the blog.
Vol. 1-3 in 320kbs NMR    with thanks to mikep

15th November VL Washington said ...    
Looking for the Violinaires 1968 album, Live The Right Way

20th November Albert said...
Looking for Sonny Kenner – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.…
Many many thanks...
21st November Clunker-Dunker said...
Chicago Blues - Chess Masters
2 LP-set, Chess CXMD 4013
    Thanks, Clunker-Dunker
23rd November Manhatan said...
I'm looking for all volumes of the "Great Rhythm & Blues Oldies" series except vol.1-3-8-13
Thanks in advance
24th November luis.lisboa said…
I'm looking for Lee Brown "Essential Blues Masters". Thanks in advance
24th Novemberimnokid said...
Anybody have Alex Taylor - Live at the Horseshoe Tavern fom 1984 that they can share?
30th November luis.lisboa said...
I'm looking for the following releases:
Memphis Shakedown (Magpie Records – PY 1810),
South Memphis Jug Band (Flyright Records – FLY LP 113),
Cotton Crop Blues (P-Vine PLP-310 (Jp 1986)). Thanksin advance!!!
1st December Clunker-Dunker said...
 -Carolina Blues, Vol 1: Blind Boy Fuller, Brownie McGhee, Flyright Records
 -Carolina Blues, Vol 2: Flyright Records
 -Bull City Blues, Flyright Records
 Thank you,  
1st December Manhatan said...
 Hi All,
To fill a Gap, looking hard for a St. Louis Jimmy ODEN's LP/CD :
Dog House Blues (AGB Records – AGB 1701)
 (Better in FLAC if any ...)
Thanks in advance Chris-France
4th December blessup said...

Does anyone happen to have Eddy Clearwater – "Flimdoozie" on Rooster Blues 
NMR, thanks go to the original ripper

5th December imnokid said..
Does anyone have Elvin Bishop – Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby? I understand there are some Roger Troy vocals on it.
also looking for More Live Adventures of Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield-which also lists some Roger Troy vocals.
 Michael Bloomfield- Count Talent And The Originals (1978)
Nick Gravenities - Bluestar (1980)   , thanks go to MapleBlues for sharing

8th December Blessup said ..
Does anybody have the Jasmine CD by Walter Brown "Forget Your Troubles And Jump Your Blues Away"?  Thanks go to hakase for sharing
8th December clash said...
Would anyone of you kind folk have this to share?
Various – Psycho Soul (2013) 3 CD
10th Decamber pmac said...
 Anyone have the Jamess Booker "True - Live at Tipitina's" release that they could share?
11th December  Loofer said...
Anybody got The Isley Brothers - Just One Mo Time compilation on Jasmine?
Thanks go to hakase for sharing
14th December  blessup said...
I'm looking for the Brownie McGhee Savoy LP "Jumpin' The Blues". Thank You in advance if you can share! Thanks go to Brian for sharing

14th December luis.lisboa said...
I'm looking for Lee Brown "Complete Recorded Works 1937 To January 1940 In Chronological Order", Document Records (DOCD-5344). Thanks in advance
Thanks go to Chris-france for sharing.

15th December blessup said...
I'm looking for two LP's. One is Tiny Grimes "Profoundly Blue" on Muse and the Other is Tiny Grimes & Roy Eldridge "One Is Never Too Old To Swing" on Sonet. I know they're a little more on the Jazzy side but hoping somebody here might be able to help with those.
NMR, Thanks go to the original posters. Profoundly Blue is 192 kb
16th December blessup said...  I'm looking for the Tiny Grimes Black & Blue record "Chasin' With Milt"

20th December Brian said...
Looking for two Southern Culture Records
Various – Mississippi Folk Voices  NMR VBR
Southern Culture Records - SC 1700
Fannie Bell Chapman – Fannie Bell Chapman: Gospel Singer
Southern Culture Records – SC 1702

28th December blessup said...
I'm looking for the Tony Matthews Alligator LP "Condition Blue"  NMR
I'm looking for the Krazy Kat LP "Shake Your Moneymaker" by Homesick James & Snooky Pryor.  NMR Thanks in advance!

2nd January blessup said...
 I'm looking for Lester Williams "I Can't Lose With The Stuff I Use" Specialty CD   NMR

2nd January MapleBlues said...
    happy new year all
    im looking for john Canbell 1975: Street Suite
    thnks for any help folks!
    January 2, 2023 at 11:14 PM  
2nd January imnokid said...

    Being that it is a new year, I figured I'd post my current LP Want List. Most of these are NOT available on CD. I have had some good luck in past years with having some kind soul fullfill some of them. I don't want to seem pggish, so I'll post a CD list at a later date. If anyone can help, thanx in advance.
    Hank Ballard - Hanging With Hank (Stang)(1976)
    Len Barry - Ups And Downs (Buddah) 1972
    Randall Bramblett Band - Live at the i&i (Catmando)(1982)
    Geo. Brooks - Play It Again, Sam! (Amerama) 1977
    Coffee Butler and the Cups - Let 'Em Talk (TLT)
    Lee Charles - The Hits Of Barry White 1978
    The Drifters - Sweets For My Sweet (Koala) 1979
    The Drifters - Live at Harvard University (A&D) 1985
    The Fabulous Treniers - Popcorn Man (TT)(1972)
    Jesse Fisher - I Can't Stop Loving You (Way Out) 1973
    The Flamingos - Color Them Beautiful (Ronze)
    The Flamingos - In Touch With You (Ronze)
    Rocky Gil And The Bishops - Soul Party (Crazy Cajun)
    Golden Harmonizers of New York City - Well Done, My Servant - (L. Brown Records)
    Benny Gordon & The Soul Brothers - What Is Soul? (RCA) 1969
    Gospel Creators - Wade in the Water (no name on label)
    Cortez Greer - Live at Scarlet O'Hara's (Garner) 1970
    Reuben Howell - Rings (Motown)(1974)
    Marian Love - A Groovy Kind Of Love (Capitol) 1969
    J.J. Malone - The Enemy Called Hate - (Cherrie) 1982
    Makonde / Matokenya -‎ Dawn In Africa (EMI) 1977?
    Jimmy McCracklin - I Just Gotta Know (Imperial) 1963
    Tommy Navarro - Twist Around The Town (Urania) 1961
    The Norfleet Brothers - Through It All AL-Tee 1977 AW
    Original Calvary Singers - Thank You (King)
    The Platters - I Love You 1,000 Times (Musicor) 1966
    The Platters - Sweet, Sweet Lovin' (Musicor) 1968
    The Platters - Singing The Hits Our Way (Musicor) 1969
    The Platters - Recorded "Live In Chicago" (Chicago Fire) 1974
    The Platters - Now With Disco Sounds (Fontana) 1974
    The Platters - Reborn (Antler) 1977
    Lloyd Price - Here Comes The Nite
    Righteous Brothers - One For The Road (Verve) 1968
    Sensational Nightingales - You Know Not The Hour (Peacock)(1974)
    Sensational Nightingales - You And I And Everyone (Peacock)(1973)
    Sensational Nightingales - My Sisters And Brothers (ABC/Peacock)(1974)
    Lloyd Sims & The Untouchables - Oh Happy Day (Power)
    The Salem Travelers - Wait On The World (ABC Peacock)(1974)
    Soulful Salem Travelers - Alive And Well (One Way)(1977)
    Southside Movement (& Jackie Ross) - Cold Hearted Woman (Golden Ear)
    Melvin Sparks - I'm Funky Now (Westbound)(Acetate LP)
    Bobby Stevens & The Checkmates - Sould Out (Gucci)1977
    Alex Taylor - Live at the Horseshoe Tavern 1984
    Tommy Tucker - Memphis Bad Boy - Zu-Zazz 1980s
    The Charles Vickers Album (Tropical)
    The C.A. Warren Players - Down To Earth With Soul (Warren) (1973)
    Rev. Jerry Washington & The Mighty, Mighty Flames Of Calvary - Hot - Hot - Hot (TP Records)
    Clint West & The Fabulous Kings at The Purple Peacock - Jin 4004
    Charlie Whitehead At Yellowstone (Wizzard) 1977
    Bobby Williams ‎– Most Requested (Arc) 1981
    Charles Wright - A Lil' Encouragement (RARE! only known on an 8-track tape!)
    Larry Young - The Magician (Acanta-Germany) 1977
 3rd January KING said...
Happy new year guys need some help 
Anyone have The Piano Choir - Handscapes (1973, Strata-East)  Flac, 24bit and super large
NMR's, with thanks to the original rippers
3rd January blessup said...
    Does anyone have Jackie Brenston "The Blues Got Me Again" on Jasmine? Thanks in advance!
    January 3, 2023 at 7:49 PM    
    January 5, 2023 at 5:29 PM
11th january blessup said...
Looking for Mellow Cats 'N' Kittens Hot R&B and Cool Blues 1946-52. Thanks in advance!

14th January Clash said
    Would anyone of you have, Alex Bradford – The Soul Of to share?
14th January KING said...
Hello I'm looking for these two

19th January blessup said...
looking for two releases by The Legendary Blues Band: "Red Hot 'N' Blue" and 
"Woke Up With The Blues". Thanks in advance.   Both NMR, thanks go to the original rippers
20th January blessup said...


Manhatan said...

@Luis Lisboa

Lee Brown "Complete Recorded Works 1937-1940 In Chronological Order", (DOCD-5344):

Happy New Year !

MapleBlues said...

happy new year all
im looking for john Canbell 1975: Street Suite
thnks for any help folks!

blessup said...

Does anyone have Jackie Brenston "The Blues Got Me Again" on Jasmine? Thanks in advance!

KING said...

@blessup Here The Tony Mathews – Condition: Blue (1981/1997)

blessup said...

@King: Thank You my friend!

KING said...

@blessup Here try this link Walter Davis - Complete Recorded Works - 7 CD [Document Records]

KING said...

@blessup Enjoy

luis.lisboa said...

@ Manhatan,
Thank you for Lee Brown's recordings. Kind Regards

KING said...

@Manhatan Hello Thank you I'm not fussed about it being 192 quality if you can upload I would be very grateful thank you again

Manhatan said...


Blue Juice (3CD)


Manhatan said...

Hi King,

About Walter Davis : I had kept two versions of the set (FLAC/MP3) cause Lossless tracks had a slower bitrate than 320 MP3 (??). The source had to be very slow I guess (like many DOCD item ...)

B.T.W. I have almost ALL the Document Records series so feel free to ask for something you wish ...

All the Best

KING said...

@Manhatan It took me the whole day was a huge file I did'nt even compress it usually i would to make space do you have any Fraykers Revenge stuff like Library music thank you so much for the Blue Juice

clash said...

Would anyone of you have, Alex Bradford – The Soul Of to share?

Brian said...

Looking for
Lonnie Johnson - Swingin' The Blues - XTRA 1037 - 1966


blessup said...

Looking for the Wilbert Harrison "Kansas City 1953-62" CD on Soul Jam Records. Thanks in advance!

blessup said...

Looking for the Johnny Ace "Memorial Album" CD that came out on MCA in 1995 with 20 tracks. Thanks in advance!

MapleBlues said...

good day Im looking for Street Suite by John Campbell 1975
very first one he recorded
thnks for your help

Albert said...

It will be great to post : Drink Small – Live At New Orleans Jazz Festival '89....Many many thanks

hakase said...

hope heres what you need but from yt by Tony Saldana Jr
Alex Bradford - The Soul Of (1964).rar

clash said...

hakase, big thanks for the Alex Bradford album!

blessup said...

looking for two releases by The Legendary Blues Band: "Red Hot 'N' Blue" and "Woke Up With The Blues". Thanks in advance.

Pépé said...

Document CD "Harp Blowers 1925-36"

blessup said...

@Pepe; Thank You so much for sharing Harp Blowers. I appreciate t greatly!

blessup said...

Looking for two Brother John Sellers LP's "Big Boat Up The River" and "Baptist Shouts And Gospel Songs". Many Thanks in advance!

Terson Watt said...

I'm looking for Tom Townsley & Friends – Blue Roller

blessup said...

Thank You so much for sharing "Red,Hot 'N' Blue" by Legendary Blues Band

Manhatan said...

Hi All,

I have 4/5 of the Mellow Cats 'N' Kittens (Hot R&B And Cool Blues 1946-1952) serie in FLAC but the Vol.2-More Mellow Cats 'N' Kittens (Hot R&B And Cool Blues 1946-1952) is missing !
Is someone could be nice enough to share it ?? (In FLAC of course, not the MP3 version !

Thanks in advance !

blessup said...

Wow! Thank You so much for the two Brother John Sellers' LP's!

KING said...

Thank you for posting my requests