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4th June  KING said...
Anyone have these two comps please thank you 
Holland-Dozier – Backbeats ~ The Creative Corporation (2012) 
Lee Dorsey – Big Easy Soul Champ (2012, CD)
2nd September Blues Boy Slim said...
 regarding your posting of TV Slim / Model T Slim LPs:
 Can somebody please help me with this 45
 Model T Slim: Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Wonder 15002)
 Many thanks
7th October JT said...
 Looking for At Last by Billy Mackel and From The Hip by Calvin Newborn.
 I'm looking for the following Japanese CDs:
 Bob James: These Are The CTI Years - Live In Japan
 David T. Walker: Y • Ence
 David T. Walker: Beloved
 David T. Walker: Thoughts
 Mark Whitfield and the Groove Masters
 also Tiny Grimes: Profoundly Blue (Muse 1973/1976)
10th October Bluesnut said...
 Hi, Does anyone have 1983 2xLP Chess Masters Chicago Blues Chess – CXMD 4013 please? Thanks
12th November JT said ..
Looking for
Wilbert Longmire: The Way We Were
Nathen Page: Live at Pinkie Lee's 
Mundell Lowe & Henrick Meurkens: When Lights are Lowe.

25th December VL Washington said ....
 Looking for a few Dixie Hummingbirds albums:
    We Love You Like A Rock 1973
    Thanks to Thee 1975
    Mama 1983
    Live In Philadelphia 1987
    Bobby Bland
    If Loving You Is Wrong (Comp)
    MCA 1989

9th January Blessup said ...

 Does anybody have files on the 12 inch single on Swamp Boogie Records by Katie Webster called Whoo-Wee Sweet Daddy!?
Does anybody have the CD "Westside Blues Rumble Vol. 2"?

16th January FUNKMYROCK and imnokid said...

 hi im lookin for 
20th january  imnokid said...
Well, it's 2024 and time for my updated want list. I can't thank everybody enough for filling all of the requests last year, and FUNKMYROCK just a few days ago. This blog RULES!

    imnokid LP Want List
    Hank Ballard and The Midnighters - Those Lazy, Lazy Days (King)(1965)
    Coffee Butler and the Cups - Let 'Em Talk (TLT)
    Lee Charles - The Hits Of Barry White 1978
    The Drifters - Sweets For My Sweet (Koala) 1979
    The Drifters - Live at Harvard University (A&D) 1985
    Jesse Fisher - I Can't Stop Loving You (Way Out) 1973
    The Flamingos - Color Them Beautiful (Ronze)
    The Flamingos - In Touch With You (Ronze)
    Phil Flowers and the Flower Shop - ST -Speed PF10 (1970)
    Golden Harmonizers of New York City - Well Done, My Servant - (L. Brown Records)
    Benny Gordon & The Soul Brothers - What Is Soul? (RCA) 1969
    Gospel Creators - Wade in the Water (no name on label)
    Cortez Greer - Live at Scarlet O'Hara's (Garner) 1970
    Hodges, James & Smith - Incredible (20th Century) 1973.  NMR
    Hodges, James & Smith - What Have You Done For Love? (London) 1978.  NMR
    Marian Love - A Groovy Kind Of Love (Capitol) 1969
    J.J. Malone - The Enemy Called Hate - (Cherrie) 1982.   NMR
    Makonde / Matokenya -‎ Dawn In Africa (EMI) 1977?
    Tommy Navarro - Twist Around The Town (Urania) 1961
    The Norfleet Brothers - Through It All AL-Tee 1977 AW
    Original Calvary Singers - Thank You (King)
    The Platters - Recorded "Live In Chicago" (Chicago Fire) 1974
    The Platters - Now With Disco Sounds (Fontana) 1974
    The Platters - Reborn (Antler) 1977
    Lloyd Price - Here Comes The Nitephil flowers
    The Salem Travelers - Wait On The Lord (ABC Peacock)(1974)
    Southside Movement (& Jackie Ross) - Cold Hearted Woman (Golden Ear)
    Alex Taylor - Live at the Horseshoe Tavern 1984
    The Charles Vickers Album (Tropical)
    The C.A. Warren Players - Down To Earth With Soul (Warren) (1973)
    Rev. Jerry Washington & The Mighty, Mighty Flames Of Calvary - Hot - Hot - Hot (TP Records)
    Clint West & The Fabulous Kings at The Purple Peacock - Jin 4004
    Charles Wright - A Lil' Encouragement (RARE! only known on an 8-track tape!)
    Larry Young - The Magician (Acanta-Germany) 1977

22nd January MrMaxxmo said...
My want list -
2.Various - Modern Soul 2 Goldmine Soul Supply - (CD, Comp)
4.Various - A Taste Of Soul Volume One (Vee-Jay Limited Partnership - NVD2-710) 
5.Various - Gangsters Dedications Volume 1 (Soul Strivers Recordings 
6.The Tams - Time For The Tams (ABC Records, ABC Records 
7.Various - Modern Soul 2 (Goldmine Soul Supply 
8.Various - Some 'Modern' Soul (Sequel Records - NEXCD 154)
9.Various - The Golden Age Of Northern Soul Volume 2 (Bestway Records -
10. Various - Soul Soul Soul Vol. 1-6 (Toto Records 
11. Various - Soul Serenade (Kent Records - KENT 041)
12.The Magnificents Band - Nothing To Lose (KHP Music - KHP 1066)
13.Various - The Soul Of Wisconsin Vol. 2 (Soul Magic (2) - SO-1002)
14.Cody Black - The Many Labels Of (Spoonful (4). ... Thanks to FUNKMYROCK
15.Various – The Roy C. Family-Impeach The PresidentLabel: P-Vine Records – PCD 2771  Thanks to imnokid

20th January FUNKMYROCK said...
 I need only this album if you have post pls thx
2nd Febuary MrMaxxmo said...
Looking for these-Various – Wigan Casino: Rare Tracks – Volume 1-2-3

8th February blessup said...
I'm looking for Chick Willis "Chick Sings Chuck" on Ichiban. Thanks in advance!
I am looking for "Sound Of Music" LP by Gospel singer Ollie Collins Jr. on ABC Records. Thanks in advance!

23rd February Anonymous said...
hi anyone has this pls '''' thanks


blessup said...

I am looking for "Sound Of Music" LP by Gospel singer Ollie Collins Jr. on ABC Records. Thanks in advance!

Gerard Herzhaft said...

I'm looking for an old LP by Brownie McGhee with quite rare tracks: Brownie McGhee XTRA 1021. If anyone could help,it would be great. And thanks anyway

KING said...

Anyone have album Sweet Spirit – Sweet Spirit (1974) Gospel

clash said...

Would any of you kind folks have Various Artists – New Orleans Soul 1967 to share?

MrMaxxmo said...

Anyone have this one? The Scott Brothers – Warm And Tender...and thanks hakase for the links.

Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

Many thanks @MrMaxxmo @hakase for The Tams


-William Freeman – To Me He's So Wonderful / My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me ( 1977 )

-Bill Freeman – Spiritbound ( 1977 )

-Bobby Sheen – Too Many To Fight: The Wishbone Sessions From Muscle Shoals

-Cavril Payne – Cavril Sings ( 1971 )

-Dee Dee McNeil And The Soul Sisters, Screamin Jay Hawkins With Shoutin Pat, Augie Colon – A Nite At Forbidden City ( 1963 )

-Lenore Paxton and Friends ‎– America... 1776 to 1976

-Otis Redding – Early Sounds (1960-1962) ( with with The Pinetoppers & The Shooters )

-Prince Skip Farian – God's Love ( 1980 )

-The Walkers – Delta Waves ( 1977 )

Revo said...

I'm searching for the following albums :

Backdoor Jugband – In The Evening ... Label:Pragmaphone – PRG LP 11 (1973)
Backwards Sam Firk & Delta X - Deadly Duo (1969)
Bad Mules - Who Drank My Beer 2007
Ben Andrews - The Blue Riders Ride Again (2002)
Beth Kohnen - Heard Hearted Woman
Big Dave Reniers - Tellin' You (2004)
Blue Light Special – Gone With The Wind (1992)
Blue Stew - Long Gone (1996)
Booker T. Laury And Friends – Booker In Paris (1992)
Brian Blain - Overqualified for the Blues (2005)
Bruce Ewan - Bruce Ewan & The Solid Senders (1999)
Buckwheat Zydeco – Ultimate Collection (2000).

Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks in advance!

daba said...

Looking for to complete 2 catalogs.πŸ€™πŸ’™πŸŽΌπŸ˜Ž:

Gregor Hilden:
(Date Unknown) Working Blues Band Live (Working Blues Band Featuring Gregor Hilden & Peter Driessen)

Looking for:
1999 Big Jay McNeely & The Bad Boys – Deacon's Hop Since 1949
Note: Gregor Hilden was part of the The Bad Boys".
Musician [The Bad Boys], Bass – Matthias Rethmann
Musician [The Bad Boys], Drum – David Rebel
Musician [The Bad Boys], Guitar – Gregor Hilden
Colin Linden:
The Immortals (1986)

MrMaxxmo said...

I'm looking for these/Tony Clarke – The Rare And The Rest & Gino Washington Best of

Daddy Cool said...

@ MrMaxxmo,
I'd be grateful if you could re-up -Bobby Sheen – Too Many To Fight: The Wishbone Sessions From Muscle Shoals. Please.
It would fill a long standing gap

Moxysoulandjazz said...

hi guys,
looking for VA new orleans soul 67 on history of soul label (2018) please if anyone can help out ?

many thanks

hakase said...

@clash @Moxy
heres my fake 'New Orleans Soul 1967'
missing 3 tracks, replaced by others, is

A1 Carlies Allen - You Better Know What You're Doing (Trend 1005)
A3 Sammy King - Ain't That Satisfaction (Marathon 104)
B4 Booney Taylor - If You're Gonna Love Me (Dynamic 105)

hope somebody could help these

Anonymous said...

Could anyone (even Capitol Records) PLEASE do a redistribution or accurate vinyl rip of

Chambers Brothers - New Generation


Thanks fer consideration of one of the finest Black psychedelics ever.

Xyros said...

@ Anonymos,

here's The Chamber Brothers - New Generation @ 320
NMR, thanks go to the original ripper/poster


inmokid finally your request ''Marian Love - 1969 - A Groovy Kind Of Love'' ripped enjoy

Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...

Many thanks @FUNKMYROCK for Marian Love

Anonymous said...

Funkmyrock, Just downloaded and playing it now. Big thanx!!!!

imnokid said...

Funkmyrock, that was me as anonymous. Listened to the album...not as good as I hoped it would be, but grateful that you found it and posted it.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

I'm still missing four Gabriel Brown titles that have never been reissued anywhere. If anyone has them and would like to share (in any form, mp3 is good for me) here they are:
Gabriel Brown, vcl/g. New York City, 27 june 1945
I want a little fun
Gabriel Brown, vcl/g. New York City, 3 august 1949
I can't last long

JT said...

Am after this one:

MrMaxxmo said...

I'm in search of this..Mickey Murray & Clarence Murray – Deep Soul Classics Vol. 9

Xyros said...

@ MrMaxxmo, here's Mickey Murray & Clarence Murray – Deep Soul Classics Vol. 9 for you, thanks to grwd1967 for sharing

MrMaxxmo said...

Thank you kindly....good stuff

MapleBlues said...

good day Im trying to locate these 2 oldies
from the one and only Prime minister of the Blues
At The Candlelight - 1968 Paragon/Allied

Putting It All Together - 196?
thnks for any help with these rare oldies!

Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities said...


The Dutch Mason Trio – At The Candlelight (1970, Vinyl) AKA Dutch Mason Blues

The Dutch Mason Trio – Putting It All Together (1971, Vinyl)-128

info musicians in: