Saturday, July 20, 2013

Robert Richard - Banty Rooster Blues

Apart from track listings I couldn't find much about Robert Richard so I've added the back cover with all the info. Excellent country blues from Detroit recorded in a very informal setting.
Giving this a listen all I can it's a crime it hasn't had a US/European re-release, only a long deleted P-Vine CD.
Frits deserves at least a  couple of beers for sharing this rarity with us.



Anonymous said...

What A great album this is. Absolutely wonderful. Love it to bits.Thanks for this excellent post. Bob C.

Adam G said...

Found this at a flea market for a couple bucks, having no idea what it was. Just got home, haven't listened to it yet but a quick google search revealed this Collectors Frenzy link:

I feel pretty good about my purchase :D

Xyros said...

Nice find Adam G. It's been a long time since I found anything rare at a fleamarket. Any chance you can share a rip with us?

Gerard said...

Robert Richard has recorded very few under his name: this Barrelhouse LP featured on this blog and a handful of 45s/78s that you can find gathered on my blog
That's all!
Of course Robert has also recorded as a sideman notably behind Bobo Jenkins

Adam G said...

I'll post a link to a rip later tonight!

sleepwalk said...

Here's a rip of this LP

Adam G.

Xyros said...

Nice find in a flea market, doesn't happen that often any more.