Sunday, December 29, 2013

Buddy Moss - Rediscovery

The original vinyl version of this release is one of the few on this label that is a new recording and not dredged up out of old scratched 78s. The music came from a live concert in Washington, D.C., in the mid-'60s. It was almost a perfect live album, although consumers who were scared of damaging their eyes might not have realized how contemporary the material actually was. Something about this label's packaging just makes one expect recordings circa 1934, or having to squint at columns of type to figure out when they were done. Blues fans who were around at this time had the unique opportunity to contrast releases consisting of archival recordings with actual live performances by aging bluesmen, some of whom seemed like they had been taken out of a closet and dusted off for the occasion. Moss had had a typically hard-knock life by the time he was "rediscovered," getting by as a truckdriver or elevator operator with gigs on the side. When he is heard in concert here, he was hardly a participant in the so-called bigtime music business. He still played very well, was capable of expressing a great deal of emotion in subtle ways, and had a provocative repertoire of original numbers and slightly altered standards that he was capable of stretching out on. "Everyday Seems Like Sunday," credited as an original, and "I Got a Woman, Don't Mean Me No Good" are both longer than five minutes, and are killer blues tracks. (Allmusic)

Never really listened to Buddy Moss until this LP dropped through the letterbox and I love it.



gracenotes said...

The CD version has 7 additional tracks, recorded a month or so earlier. It's still in print (and available as a commercial download).

Xyros said...

Thank you gracenotes for the info about the CD. So for anyone who would like the Lp plus extra tracks in better quality just Google away.