Sunday, May 21, 2017

Rev. Gatemouth Moore - After Twenty One Years

The Conversion Of Gatemouth Moore & Shine On Me 7:31
Prayer Song And Meditation 6:19
Oh How I Love Jesus
Yes Jesus Loves Me
A Prayer By Rev. Crenshaw
Glory To His Name 3:36
He Walks With Me 4:30
I Heard The Voice 3:48
There Is Room At The Cross 8:46
Just As I Am 3:52
I Come To The Garden And I'm Going Through 3:35



ramson said...

Listening now, Good music, more in the gospel vein that R&B.

I have Gatemouth Moore ‎– Great Rhythm & Blues Oldies Volume 7 (lp Blues Spectrum) on cassette, great R&B album; unfortunately I cannot find my cassette. On spotyfy exist a release of this album, but sound is very DEHISS(killing brightness of sound). Good if you or anybody can post a rip.

Many, many thanks HM.

HM said...

@ramson& xyros: If you want me to, I can rip that other lp as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a bluesman but I noticed that you posted a lossless rip of a Honolulu Mountain Goats album long time a go. I would love to see a re-post of that one.

ramson said...

Yeah!!...please do it!!


Alan Balfour said...

For what it's worth his first gospel recording were for Aristocrat in December 1948

The Bible's Being Fulfilled Every Day Aristocrat 905
Glory, glory Hallelujah ditto
I'm Going Through Aristocrat 905
Thank You Jesus ditto

The last two titles rereleased on Chess 1437

Anonymous said...

hi really nice selecta , any chance to reup this one pls god bless

LuckyFunky said...

hello , can you re - up Rev. Gatemouth Moore - After Twenty One Years please because the link is dead thank you

zzongs said...

I'm discovering new gospel and blues music here. I knew only one song by Gatemouth Moore. Thanks for sharing.

Xyros said...

Always good to discover new sounds and I'm glad you found some here.