Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Arthur Crudup - Roebuck Man

A1 I Don't Worry 3:10
A2 Needle Time 3:20
A3 Room And Board 3:06
A4 Blind Man Sees 4:45
A5 Long Curly Mane 3:45
A6 Roebuck Man 4:54
B1 Old And Grey 3:59
B2 Before You Go 3:25
B3 Korrina Korrina 3:20
B4 Boogie In The Morning 2:27
B5 Get You In My Arms 3:37
B6 What Are You Trying To Do? 3:22
B7 Burying Ground 3:25


drfeelgoed said...

Thanks in advance!
BTW, The pianio player is actually Jona Lewie, John Lewis being his official name!

Xyros said...

Now that's bit of info that I didn't know. Who would've thought that Jona Lewie ( of Stiff records fame) backed Crudup.
I think I have Jona's lp and I'll give it a new listen.

dj nyc said...

Hughie Flint such a great drummer. Room and Board is one of Crudup's best tracks. thanks for sharing.
dj nyc

Dan said...

Thanks so much - never knew of this one!

Sam Hopkins said...

Sadly the pub he's standing outside (in Tottenham Court Road) is now a wine bar.

John Lewis backed/recorded with other bluesmen who were toured/promoted by Ron Watts & Chris Trimming, Juke Boy Bonner comes to mind.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

This was a surprisingly good Lp. I write surprisingly because at that time Arthur was in poor shape and almost unable to play a decent set. I saw him on a Switzerland date while he shared the bill with Johnny Shines. The artistic comparison was terrible and although poor Arthur certainly needed the money involved in this venture, one couldn't help to think that such a great artist but in such a bad shape better had stayed home.

Alan Balfour said...

As has been noted in the 2011 comment, the pub was in the Tottenham Court Road on the corner of that and Maple Street in London. Crudup's gig was held in a large room above it, a venue usually synonymous with folk music. In 1992 Sequel Records reissued the LP as a CD with new notes by journalist, Clive Anderson.

Anonymous said...

Wow, good album, thanks!!

Dr Oyster said...

Could You please reup?