Thursday, April 7, 2016

Champion Jack Dupree - London Special EP (NEW COMPLETE RIP)

Rare UK Ep from 1964 featuring 4 tracks that, I believe, have not been re-released before. Backing by Keith Smith's Climax Jazz Band and on the last track Jimmy Page dubbed on.
- Track Number Nine 
- London Special 
- Fine And Mellow 
- All Right 



Anonymous said...

Thank you Xyros for the Dupree EP (and for the other downloads). RF

Nappyrags said...

Anyone know if it's just me or is there only two tracks here instead of four? Either way thanks for the Jack!

Xyros said...

There are 2 tracks but each track has the 2 titles that are on each side. You'll have to split them yourself if you want 4 separate tracks.

Nappyrags said...

Well Xyros that's what I thought at first about the two tracks but I listened to them and what goes for track one "Track Number Nine" & "London Special" is only "London Special" clocking in at 3:39...track two is only "Fine and Mellow" (omitting "All Right") clocking in at 3:59...hope this explanation is a little clearer...anyways, again thanks for this rare recording of The Champion...

Xyros said...

@Nappyrags, thank you for pointing out the balls up at my end. Still haven't got the hang of ripping with mac software.
Also more than 200 hundred downloads and only you noticed the mistake .. makes you wonder how many people actually bother listening to the music.
Anyway a rip is on its way.

Nappyrags said...

I've often thought about that myself! Thanks for the fix y Feliz Navidad!

Bob Mac said...

LOL, caught me out. I d/l this one but never gave it a listen, just filed it away for later.

I guess many of us serious blues collectors d/l so much stuff that we want just for collection completeness sake and may never actually get around to listening.

Of course some stuff we're excited about and listen to immediately after d/l, but so much does get stored away.

Anyway, thanks for the new link, and thanks so much for all the great blues you give us.

And all the best for Xmas & 2015 to you & your loved ones….Bob

gracenotes said...

Thanks for this - always great to be able to fill in gaps in coverage of that fascinating period of blues recorded in Europe. Never heard it before - sessions with jazz bands tend to get less attention than ones with the rock guitarists. This one has both, an odd combination, but interesting. Dupree as excellent as always.

There's a skip at 1:06 on 'London Special', but I'm sure you knew that!

Xyros said...

@ Gracenotes, I had noticed the skip and tried to clean it up but gave up in the end. A pity but the EP was affordable and a tick or 2 is no real problem to me.

gracenotes said...

Nor to me, Xyros. I'm very grateful for the chance to hear this in any state, and otherwise, it sounds great. Thanks again.