Sunday, December 14, 2014

Chicago Blues - After Midnight 1952-1957

Delta Swing Records 379Chicago blues from the great Howlin' Wolf, J.B. Hutto and Curtis Jones. Also interesting is Grace Brim a female singer who passed away in 1999. She played drums and sang with her husband John Brim. next to recording with her husband she also recorded with Snooky Pryor, Eddie Taylor, Jimmyy Reed and others. Once again the lp is untouched to keep the quality of the music with it's ticks and warts.



hdvns said...

Just found your blog. Some real goodies. Thanks! And thanks for the link to Boogie Chillin', I reciprocated.

ramson said...

Great chicago blues and some very rare tracks.

Thanks also for all other blues albums!!


KingCake said...

Oh boy, can't wait to hear this one; thank you sir