Sunday, January 4, 2015

Boogie Woogie Red - Live At The Blind Pig

A blind pig, the name originated in the United States in the 1800s, when blue laws restricted the sale of alcoholic beverages. A saloonkeeper would charge customers to see an attraction (such as an animal), and provide a "complimentary" alcoholic beverage, thus circumventing the law.It was during the years of prohibition that blind pigs were most common in the U.S.Estimates of the number of blind pigs in some major U.S. cities in the mid-1920s are:
Chicago, Illinois: 10,000
Detroit, Michigan: 15,000
New York City, New York: 30,000-100,000
The blind pig is a classic example of black market economics, and with the end of prohibition in 1933 most blind pigs had to either become legitimate establishments or close shop. Common current examples of the blind pig include the after hours club and the keg party.
A blind pig differs from a speakeasy primarily in that it was essentially a "drinking only" establishment, whereas a speakeasy frequently offered music, dancing and a wide selection of food, too.
It's also the name of the well known blues club and their record label where Boogie Woogie Red worked and recorded.



Anonymous said...

thanks for this blind pig LP

Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Well done, I have had the LP a long time, and remember Red in Britain long ago.
I would like to hear the other album by Red which Blind Pig produced. The track Paul Oliver recorded in 1960 (in Conversation with the Blues) is another excellent example of Red, as are the couple of tracks Red was allowed on a Trix LP of Detroit pianists which Honey Where You Been so Long has uploaded.
There are also some interesting collaborations with Hooker, and there might even be more from the European sources from which the CD with Red and these other great guys was drawn.

E said...

After watching International Boogie Woogie on PBS yesterday, I started looking for Boogie Woogie Red online. You must check this out- Many years ago, my brother took a Music Appreciation class. He came home one day with "Boogie Woogie Red - Live At The Blind Pig". We bought a copy at Mickey Shores on Woodward (that's when Mickey Shorr's sold vinyl) When my buddies were cruzin with "Aerosmith" and "Bad Company" on 8-track, my cassette copy of BWR was worn out from being played by all of my garage band friends. Any chance you could post a copy again?

Xyros said...

Many thanks, I´ll check the link out. Hope you can d-l the lp now and relive those memories.

E said...

OH SWEET STUFF! It is amazing how you can remember something, and when you revisit it, it's a real treat to find it is better than you recalled. That's what happened here. I am goin' down (to the basement) to set up a vinyl-to-file operation an start visiting the tunes I have been doing without! Thanx again!

ramson said...

I don't know if folks already get this other LP from Boogie Woogie Red, Red Hot- LP 1977 Blind Pig

Anyway here a link (not my rip):!Rk4SiaoD!dqVQF2dvggAyk93L-3uFqyX6GSB1OkppR81gJtLzH-M

Thanks a lot.

Fernando Toral said...

I didn't know about the blind pigs. Next to Yazoo City there was a restaurant called The Pig Shack, which I don't know if it has ever had live music, but I found it was a perfect place for a juke joint. I have the pictures taken in May 2013 just in case...