Saturday, January 17, 2015

Papa George Lightfoot - Natchez Trace

Born in Natchez, Mississippi, Lightfoot recorded several sessions in his late twenties – for Peacock Records in 1949 (which were never issued), Sultan Records in 1950, Aladdin Records in 1952, and Imperial Records in 1954. After final singles for Savoy Records in 1955 and Excello Records in 1956, Lightfoot quit recording, still an obscure Southern blues harmonica player.
As interest grew in rural Delta blues in the 1960s, Lightfoot's name became more well-known, and in 1969 record producer Steve LaVere went to Lightfoot's home town of Natchez, and asked him to record again. The result was the album Natchez Trace, released on Vault Records in 1969, which brought Lightfoot briefly to the forefront of the blues revival. Rural Blues Vol. 2 followed on Liberty Records later that same year.
However, his comeback was cut short by his death in late 1971.



pj said...

Oh I had this LP. Friggin great one!

Alan Balfour said...

Ace released this as a CD in 1994 adding 6 previously unissued tracks. There remain a further 5, two of which are instrumentals.