Sunday, March 1, 2015

Various - Wild & Frantic

The Upsetters were Little Richard's backing band and the man himself sings on 'I'm In Love Again.' The band behind Billy La Mont 'Country Boy' is rumoured to have been The Upsetters as well. Don Covey also recorded as Pretty Boy and worked for a time as Cauffeur for his idol, Little Richard, doing double-duty as the hitmaker's opening act. The two songs by Mr. P.T. (and the Party Timers) appeared on a 1961 Federal release. Otis Redding's 'Fat Gal' was released on Confederate Records with the other side being 'Shout Bamalama.' Rockin' Bradley does a Little Richard lyrical mash-up with some brilliant tape overload shouts on 'Lookout.' Opera music gives Tony Harris the creeps, as his crazy chicken song explains! There's a decent bio at allmusic on the life of Tommy Louis aka Kid Thomas; a larger than life character who came to an unfortunate end.
Freddy Robinson had a lengthy career and played guitar with some of the greats, including Ray Charles, Little Walter & Howlin' Wolf; find an obituary here. The famous southern soul artist Joe Tex coined the term 'rap' to describe his style of speaking over the music. Andy Wilson's back up band were called the Cosmos. The Valiants were a terrific R&B act with front man Billy Storm providing vocals on this frantic number; they also released a wild version of 'Good Golly, Miss Molly' which, in my opinion out does Little Richard's version and was released at an earlier date. Couldn't find any info on Curtis Carrington and Little Cameron. Hope you like! ( Info taken from Spanking Woo Dops blog but my rip.)



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Little Cameron was a singer and tenor sax player from Little Rock. He played and toured for awhile with Ike Turner up to Saint Louis during the 1950's-early 60's. Then went back for familial reasons to Little Rock and played locally (and recorded also but nothing was issued until years later) with Fenton Robinson.

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