Saturday, August 15, 2015

William 'Blues Boy" Wells - Blues Boy

William Wells was from Kansas City. He plays guitar and sings on some
tracks of the live "Little Hatchet Band" LP on the German M&M label which was recorded at a K.C. club in the 12th Street & Vine district in 1970. He was
known in K.C. as "Junior" Wells, and after he moved to Los Angeles he did
some recording for Pandora (which was owned by Jack Lauderdale, who also ran
the older Swingtime label) and Castle. K.C. musicians tell me he later
became a preacher. He was the nephew of Leon "Mr. Blues" Estelle, who was
generally recorded as K.C.'s best blues guitarist. (Jim O' Neal)

This one is for Hartmutt.
Also sorry about the terrible scans but it couldn't be avoided.


If you're having problems try the link below for more options:

and I forgot to mention that the Little Hatch Lp is here:


teekay said...

Problem with download - got art but no tracks

Xyros said...

@Teekay, worked fine for me. anyone else with the same problem?

HM said...

Xyros, glad you are back. And thanks for that lp.

Anonymous said...

Just downloaded the file.. All tracks and artwork where there.


Anonymous said...

don't work. Please repost

Bob Mac said...

I just d/l it OK, no problems, got all tracks plus the terrible scans lol
I actually managed to fix up the covers by running them through Picasa and doing some tweaks.
Thanks for this album, plus the Johnny Otis.

Terence Kent said...

Hi - got number of error messages but got there in the end - well worth it!
Many thanks

teekay said...

Got it thanks!

Marcfr said...

Thanks for this album , completely new for me .
Talking about scans , they are very well done .
it looks like you are able to merge several scans to 1 or you have a great digital camera .

Xyros said...

I use an A3 scanner that scans a LP cover in 2 times. Join the 2 halves using Elements 13 and fiddle around with corrections, but I'm no expert when it comes to retouching.
Problem with this scan is the LP is still in its cellophane and it's mainly white this caused the dark shading around the foto which is a shame.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Welcome back, Xyros. We miss you! And tahnks for this ultra rare William Wells LP... I'm not even sure it was sold anywhere else outside live venues and some US mail order outfits.

Marcfr said...

Thanks for the information Xyros !

Xyros said...

@ Gerard, yes it's a very hard to find LP. I've only known about it a year and that's how long it took to find a copy at a reasonable price. Well worth it and I'm glad that every one likes it.

Mark Sutherland said...

Thank You very much for this. Would never have had the chance to hear this otherwise. Thanks again, Mark

Michael said...

Welcome back and thanks for the opportunity to hear this fine and rare album.