Saturday, January 30, 2016

Various - At The Party - R&B Special

A1 Big Sambo & The House Wreckers - At The Party
A2 Carol (Wild Red) Pegues With Ray & Red & The Bi-Stones -Don't Monkey With Somebody Else's Monkey
A3 Jesse Johnson - Cute Little Girl
A4 Joe Allen & His Alley Cats - Baby,Baby,Baby
A5 The El-Derocks - Back Room
A6 June Bug Bailey - Louisiana Twist
A7 Sam Samson & The Shufflers  - Squeeze Me Pretty Mama
B1 Carol (Wild Red) Pegues With Ray & Red & The Bi-Stones - Rhythm Fee
B2 The New Mason Dixons - Totaled
B3 Billy Cunningham - My Baby
B4 The Alley Kats & Kitty & Sax Kari - Alley Kats
B5 The Alley Kats & Kitty & Sax Kari - Rockin Chair
B6 Nicki Redman - Cop's Rock
B7 Robert Hall - Count Down Part 1.

Sorry about the mess up with the links.

Corrected link:


Anonymous said...

thank you
just the back?

Xyros said...

No, the front is included in map/side 1 and you can also right click and save the front cover jpeg used for the posting.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The only link is to a jpg of the back. Where's the link to the rest?

1ram said...

Zippy only downloads cover. No music.

Anonymous said...

where is the link for the music ?

Xyros said...

mess up has been corrected for yu.

Lou Cypher said...

Thank you very much for fixing this!