Friday, May 13, 2016

Andrew "Voice' Odom - Farther Down The Road

Don't Ever Leave Me All Alone 4:02
Stormy Monday 4:54
Farther Up The Road 4:57
Feel So Good 4:57
Long About Sunrise 6:41
Take Me Back To East St. Louis 4:35
I Got The Feelin' 4:42
It's My Own Fault 6:11
Please Love Me

re-up request


Leroy Slim said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Nice session, great gospel influenced vocals from 'Big Voice' don't miss this one. Thanks

Steve626 said...

Thanks a lot for the "Voice" - I've been looking for the Bluesway album for a long time. Appreciate it!

ralph11 said...

I've owned a copy of this Lp for nearly 40 years, I guess. Although it may not be earthshaking, there is Odom's great voice and the always breathtaking guitar of Earl Hooker.
That, my friend, is not at all bad.
Get it and enjoy.

Sylvain Thimonier said...

Good album of Big Voice Odom with omnipresent guitar of Earl Hooker. Concerning Odom, I like also Feel so good from a french session in 1982 with an all-star band (Magic Slim, John Primer, Lucky Peterson, Nick Holt). Thanks Xyros and Nighthawk !

Steve626 said...

Check out Andrew "BB" Odom and the Gold Tops - Goin' to California. It's the best thing he recorded -- and not too long before he died. Amazing stuff and highly recommended.

Albert said...

and this one too ? Maybe it's too much ?

Albert said...

Thank you