Friday, June 3, 2016

Various - Negro Art Limited Editions

Negro Art was a label owned by Bert Bradfield. Bert was an American GI who after the war married a French girl and settled in a suburb of Paris. A fan of jazz, blues and R& B, he stocked thousands of imported records, 78s, 45s, LP's in his garage and sold it first to visitors then through mail order during the 60's and early 70s. With Negro Art, he himself gathered blues and R&B 78s from what he had and issued it with limited copies. Packaging was poor, sound often awful and there were no liner notes nor discography of any kind but most of the titles were then "virgin territory" for most (all?) of us and we bought it whatever Bert was issuing. Fortunately today we know much better and almost everything that was in Negro Art has been reissued more properly. Anyway, Bert Bradfield opened the path and should be thanked for that. (comment 7-2-14, Gerard Herzhaft)

357: not available
367: not available
368: not available
Except for the cover above the rest of the covers had no info printed on them so I haven't bothered to scan them. Neither have the Lp's been tagged but you can find the track listings at Stefan Wirz's site if you want to tag them.

A big Thank you to Rugbymaxi for providing 362.


Bob Mac said...

Thanks for these, I'm pretty sure I already have all the tracks but it's nice to have copies of these old historical releases. Actually I'm surprised the sound is pretty good, better than I expected.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for these 3 posts.It's been years since heard Otis Rush Love That Woman,with Shakey Horton, great track. Thanks, zdtch

Rugbymaxi said...

Negro Art 362 Story Of The Blues - Harmonica Blues -1
Can be found below

thanks for your great work Xyros


Xyros said...

@ zdtch, Glad to help you out with an old favorite

Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac, yes the sound is better than you'd expect and far better than the Pythons that are in the pipeline.

Anonymous said...

I haven't openned the files i am downloading from your great blog, yet
I can easilly guess that I will enjoy most of the stuff I am about to have.
Thank you for the wonderful oportunities to discover music I wasn't aware of.
Those musicians (I mean their ghosts) should thank you as well to keep them alive and availlable for a new audience.
Merci beaucoup,

Funky Fred From France.

Bob Mac said...

Just out of interest Parret 791 listed on Stefan Wirz's site should be Parrot 791 (Negro Art 362)

Ernest Lewis
- No More Lovin' [Parret 791]
- West Coast Blues [Parret 791]

Xyros said...

@ Funky Fred, hope the music is as good as you expect. For Some reason I think their ghosts might come back and haunt me.

Ballas said...

Thank you very much for posting these albums. I have enjoyed listening to them.

Bob Mac said...

Is that the end of the Negro Art series Xyros?

And what's the story with the 3 missing numbers in the series, were they never issued or is it that there are no longer any copies around?

Anyway, many thanks for providing these, it's been a most interesting series.

Xyros said...

@ Bob Mac, according to Stefan's site these are all the releases on the Negro Art label. The ones posted are all my lp's except 362 that was provided by Rugbymaxi. The missing ones where released but I've not come across any for sale. I have met a collector that has the complete set plus more rarities than you could imagine but he is unable to rip lp's.

Bob Mac said...

Xyros: I guess if anyone really wanted those missing 3 albums for completeness sake they'd be easy enough to reconstruct. I just checked through the lists on Stefan's site and guess I have 95% of the tracks already on other reissues. Probably have them all but I'd need to rummage around through backups searching for them. If I have a couple rainy days ahead of me then I may have a crack at it. :-)

Xyros said...

After filling out and replacing tracks on the Blues Obscurities LP's I promised myself I'd never do it again. I have never got around to systemizing my collection so it's like looking for the proverbial needle.
Some of the tracks might be very difficult to find but as you said most have been comped over the years.
So let's hope for a couple of rainy days and you have the time to search your collection.