Friday, June 2, 2017

Blues Obscurities Volumes 1 - 10 (New Vinyl Rips)

vol. 1:
vol. 2:
vol. 3:
vol. 4:
vol. 5:
vol. 6:
vol. 7:
vol. 8:
vol. 9:
vol. 10:

These are new rips at 320kbs from vinyl that is at least VG+ and all with the original inserts except vol. 5.
You might get the occasional pop/click but nothing serious. The sound quality and mastering of the LP's ranges from OK to bloody awful with vol. 10 been the worst of the lot. DIY covers from Skinnymom as the original white covers are boring.
You don't need these as everything is available in far better quality spread over a 100 cd's.
Track listing can be found at Stefan's site.


Leroy Slim said...

Thank you for this series!

Skinnymon said...

Major correction to name of artist on my BOV6 cover. With many apologies to those who have to edit their copy. I must have been dain bread...

(Oh, there seemed to be a discrepency between track credits/titles on my cover and those on an insert Xyros has provided. It seems, I used the credits/titles as given by Stefan's site.)

pino said...

thank you very much