Saturday, July 9, 2016

Muddy Waters Blues band - The Warsaw Session vol. 1 and 2

Review by Thom Owens Released on the small Poljazz label, Live at Jazz Jamboree '76 is a minor but valuable addition to the live Muddy Waters catalog. Recorded at the Palace of Culture and Sciences in Warsaw, Poland, the 8-track album finds Muddy in good form. Part of the reason the concert works is that his supporting band is excellent, boasting such musicians as pianist Pinetop Perkins, harpist Jerry Portnoy and guitarists Luther Johnson and Bob Margolin. They give Waters enthusiastic support, bringing the music alive. Even better, the set list isn't entirely predictable, so you can hear Muddy and the band work out on such numbers as "Screamin' and Cryin'," "Blow Wind Blow," "Howlin' Wolf" and "Caledonia," which makes this an interesting disc for hardcore fans.
After I'd ripped the lp's and scanned the covers I found out that all tracks have been released on cd in 2005. The cd is easy to find so if you like the music and want beter quality go for the cd.
Post vol 1:
Post vol 2:
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Many Arvin thanks for sharing the link to "Muddy Waters Blues band - Jamboree 1976"


Anonymous said...

Very Fine Albums.Many Thanks

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wow, great find, thanks a milion - for all your outstanding work

Bob Mac said...

Nice one. Thanks for posting. I saw Muddy live in Oz in 1976 and the line up was identical to this, plus from memory the track list was much the same.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this wonderful post. zdtch

Arvin said...

Wonderful video of this show:

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Thanks so much for this and all your other wonderful posts!

Xyros said...

WE can all thank Kurt for requesting a re-post otherwise I doubt if I would ever have posted them again.
I traded these LP's directly from Poland when they were released for 1 Sony VHS tape each. Used to get some very rare rock and Hendrix releases by trading for VHS tapes. The fall of the Iron Curtain, Democracy and the Euro put an end to it all.