Sunday, July 31, 2016

Piano Red - Percussive Piano

William "Willie" Lee Perryman (October 19, 1911 – July 25, 1985, usually known professionally as Piano Red and later in life as Dr. Feelgood, was an American blues musician, the first to hit the pop music charts. He was a self-taught pianist who played in the barrelhouse  blues style (a loud percussive type of blues piano suitable for noisy bars or taverns). His performing and recording careers emerged during the period of transition between completely segregated "race music" and "rhythm and blues", which was marketed to white audiences. Some music historians credit Perryman's 1950 recording "Rocking With Red" for the popularization of the term rock and roll in Atlanta.His simple, hard-pounding left hand and his percussive right hand, coupled with his cheerful shout brought him considerable success over three decades.


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TalentAgent said...

So glad to have found this Gem of a Recording.I was honored to have met Red many,many times. He was a main-stay of Underground Atlanta.
He was a very people-oriented Performer. Always had a great smile, and a firm handshake. A very under-rated player, in the history of American Music. He was also a victim of Shady Record Company's, who paid him very Royalties. and....little/No respect. RIP Red......You gained that. Keep on Playin! It's not 3am Yet!