Sunday, July 31, 2016

Python Records

4th and last batch:
clarence gatemouth brown - vol. 2 (Python PLP 27)
freddie king - live performance part one (Black Bear 904)
homesick james - bottleneck guitar blues ( juke 1)
Muddy Waters - Rare Live Recordings Volume 3 (Black Bear 903)

3rd batch:
clarence gatemouth brown - vol. 1 (Python PLP 26)
fenton robinson & larry davis (python plp 24)
j.b. lenoir (python plp 25)
va - the downhome blues (python plp 22).

2nd batch:
various - the downhome blues part 2
va - blues from chicago volume 3 ( python plp km 15)
va - blues today southern style ( python plp km 16)
va - blues - chicago style (python PLP KM 17)
va - blues from the windy city (python plp 21)

The Pythons will be posted over the next 4 weeks and the first batch are:
Buddy Guy - First Time I Met The Blues (Python KM 2)
Freddy King - Volume Two ( Python PLP 7)
Freddy King - Volume Three ( python PLP KM 11)
VA - Post War Blues Collector Series Volume 1 (python pwbc 1)
VA - Southside Chicago ( Python PLP KM 10)


Leroy Slim said...

I would greatly appreciate listening to the Python Records. There is something special about listening to LPs. Also, to see the covers would be a bonus!

teekay said...

I for one would love these thanks

Juanjo said...

Hi Xiros! i am one of the interesting. Anyway tks you. Regards!

Anonymous said...

PYTON Please thank you

Ballas said...


Bob Mac said...

I already got most of these Pythons but probably at low bitrate, so I for one would be happy for a chance to get them again at 320.

Thanks for the recent posts - Otis, Hartmut 21, and the remaining Blues Obscurities.

Anonymous said...

Muddy Rare Live pls.

kurt hricz said...

What a fine idea - please post all of them - especially the Muddy Waters, Homesick James and Freddy Kings. Many thanks in advance!!!

BobCat said...

Thanks Xyros. The Muddy LP contains an unissued Jimmy Rogers from the early 70s - fairly sure this is unavailable elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please go ahead and post them all. I am particularly interested in the Fenton Robinson/ Larry Davis LP.
Much appreciated.

hepster said...

Please post them. It would be a pleasure to give them a listen.

Hoodoo said...

Hi Xyros,
Please do post them!! If nothing else
just for historical reasons..
Thanks for all the hard work!!

Anonymous said...

Yes please

teekay said...

Please post

pino said...

please .. post all .... !!!! thank you ..!!!

Anonymous said...

Homesick James and Muddy Waters would be greatly appreciated-

kingpossum said...

Agree with Leroy Slim that the vinyl sounds are always special. For me it's as much the emotional appeal of knowing it's coming from vinyl and cardboard as it is the rational appeal of the warmer analog sounds.

I'm usually not nostalgic, but it reminds me of thumbing through the racks in the back room at The Jazz Record Mart in Chicago, underneath Big Joe Williams's old 9-string guitar.

Ballas said...

Thank you very much Xyros.

Juanjo said...

Thank you very much Xyros.

rntcj said...



Here's a detailed discography of Python records:


Thanx too for ALL the great music!


Ciao! For now.

Ballas said...

Thank you very much for the latest posts.

Xyros said...

2 Ballas, glad you like the last couple of postings. have fun listening to them and there'll be more next week.

pino said...

any possibility for :
(A) Otis Rush and his Band Groaning The Blues (Python PLP-KM 3)
(B) Freddy King It's Too Bad Things Are Going So Tough (Python PLP-KM 5)
T.Y.V.M. ............ !!!!!!!!!!

serapion said...

Pino should feel grateful he has never heard the Python OTIS RUSH --

the sound was CRAP, with a constant mains hum all the damned time, and over scratchy records. I was subsequently very fortunate to find someone looking for a copy to have a complete set of Python LPs (auction through VJM magazine) because after I had complained about how dreadful the standard was the response "you find anything better" was easily met -- BLUE HORIZON produced an official recording on vinyl with excellent sound. I have to say that for all the deficiencies I recall from private collectors' items the Python Otis Rush with that sickening hum was the worst!!!! How could anybody have messed up dubbing the originals so badly???
If you want the lump of vinyl find the lump of vinyl, but quite why anybody would want to hear the crap the original was degrded to beats me !!!

Xyros said...

I haven't heard the Python version but someone had already told me that it was terrible. Maybe Pino doesn't it's a terrible production.
I do have the BH version, great LP, but would buy the Python for the right (low) price just for completeness sake. Lump of vinyl is better than no vinyl

Bob Mac said...

Fortunately I never got to hear the Otis Rush Python but have read much over the years about how dreadful it sounds. First I heard Otis Rush (and Magic Sam) Cobra sessions was when the BH reissues first came out in 1969. I got my copies pretty well immediately after they were released as the Australian Blues Society had good connections and had placed advanced orders. We all sat around totally stunned listening to those LPs.

pino said...

@serapion - @Xyros - @Bob .... many thanks for your info ... i don't know that .... !!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent activity, cheers

Skinnymon said...

Now that you're back, I'm at it again.

While you were out (hope you had a good time), I got to some of these Python to albums, so thank you.

However, for reference sake, The Downhome Blues Part 2 not only contains the album, but also a .rar file containing the same album. (Makes the download a bit larger). :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new links.

Xyros said...

If you need anymore new links just drop a line ... enjoy the lofi sound of UK boots.