Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Various - Chicago Rock With Jump Jackson And Friends (Redita 108 2nd version)

A1 –Eddie Clearwater - Ain't That A Shame
A2 –Eddie Clearwater - Dancin' Time
A3 –Eddie Clearwater - Cool Water
A4 –Eddie Clearwater - Baby Please
A5 –Little Mack - Drivin' Wheel
A6 –Little Mack - Broke Heart
A7 –Sy Perry  - I Don't Understand You Woman
A9 –Wilbur "Hi-Fi" White - Don't Look Now
B1 –Sunnyland Slim - Something Is Going Wrong
B2 –Eddie Boyd - Vacation From The Blues
B3 –Eddie Boyd - I Cry
B4 –Little Wolf Jr. - Inflation Blues
B5 –Jump Jackson - Midnight Shuffle

Filling a request with a rip that was one of the first postings in 2008. 


pino said...!!!

thank you very much...!!!

Skinnymon said...

Does this mean that the one on Uncle Gil's is the first version? :)

Xyros said...

@ Skinnymom, that's a coincedent that we posted both series one at the same time. But to answer your question, the white cover release is the first version and the blue cover the second version. Both use the same release number but totaly different tracks. Why is anyone's guess.

Leo Maier said...

thank you!!!
great JJ collection. what a drummer!

can you post again the Jimmy Nolen complete recordings (before the funk) ?

thank you always for the great albums!!