Saturday, January 7, 2017

Various - Blues From Chicago

Little Willie Anderson
- Had A Dream
- Bad Door Knocker  
- Willie's Rock (instr)
Eddie Taylor
- Peach Tree Blues  
- Big Town Playboy  
Detroit Junior
- Killin' Floor  
- So Much Pressure  

Detroit Junior
- Broasting With Odie (instr)  
- Alice My Love (instr)  
- The Right Approach  
Jimmy Lee Robinson
- Easy Baby  
- I Can't Be Successful  
- Worried Life Blues  
- Mean Black Spider  


Ballas said...

Thank you very much for the post.

BobCat said...

Never thought I'd see a copy of this rare LP ... thank you for posting!

Xyros said...

Glad that you both are going to enjoy this lp. Recording session is a. bit ramschakle at times though.

pino said...

Wow .. thank you for this very rare LP .. !!!