Friday, May 19, 2017

Eddie Ray - A Ray In The Dark

A1 If The Music Makes You Move
A2 I Believe My Time Ain't Long
A3 There's A Flood In Texas
A4 If I Should Lose You
A5 Bastrop Boogie
B1 Blues At Midnight
B2 Sing You A Love Song
B3 Give Me Back My Wig
B4 Midnight Shuffle



Franck Goldwasser said...

Eddie was a treasure untold of the Oakland blues scene of the late 70's into the eighties. He was brutally murdered and thus the world was deprived of an artist who might have left his mark, had he been given a chance. This is a wonderful album, recorded live at Eli's Mile Club where he had a steady Thursday night gig for years. Miss you, Eddie.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for these latest albums posted Xyros.

Xyros said...

Always a pleasure Bob Mac.

Xyros said...

Thank you Franck for sharing your memory of Eddie Ray. It is a very good Lp and it is a shame that he never got to record again (as far as I know). LP was also released on the Eli Mile label.