Sunday, August 19, 2012

Buster Benton - Bluesbuster

nspired by the music of Sam Cooke and B.B. King, the gospel-bred Benton began playing the blues during the mid-'50s while living in Toledo, OH. By 1959, he was leading his own band in Chicago. During the '60s, he cut a series of soul-slanted singles for local concerns (Melloway, Alteen, Sonic, Twinight) before hooking up with the great Willie Dixon in 1971.
Benton was a member of Dixon's Blues All-Stars for a while, and Dixon is credited as songwriter of Benton's best-known song, the agonized slow blues "Spider in My Stew." Its release on Stan Lewis's Shreveport-based Jewel Records gave Benton a taste of fame; its follow-up, "Money Is the Name of the Game," solidified his reputation. A 1979 LP for Jewel's Ronn subsidiary (logically titled Spider in My Stew) stands as one of the most engaging Chicago blues LPs of its era, its contemporary grooves abetting Benton's tasty guitar work and soulful vocals.
Benton cut three albums later on for Ichiban, but compared to his Ronn output, they were disappointing. On the Chicago circuit, Benton's extreme courage in the face of physical adversity will long be cited. He was on kidney dialysis for the last few years of his life as a result of diabetes, and a portion of his right leg was amputated in 1993 due to poor circulation (he had already lost part of the other a decade earlier). Still, he continued to play his brand of uplifting blues until the end.



Anonymous said...

thanks for all the blues

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how to access the tracks on the sharebee site. Can you explain? Thanks.

Xyros said...

1. copy or type the link http://..
into your browser.
2. open the page as you would any other page.
3. choose 1 of the 3 sites to download from: badango, zshare or megaupload. Follow there instructions to downlaod the rar file.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I was blinded by all the Sharebee banners and such, and wasn't seeing the small links to the three sites.

Enjoying some big john wrencher now.

ramson said...

Xyros, you are wrong!! : I have cd released by Ron label, but this release of Red Lightnin' have better sound than cd on various tracks: for example 'Lonesome For A Dime' on cd have small sound , without punch ; and others tracks of cd (that I don't remember now) have blurred sound with noise clicks from vinil.

Definitively we needed this lp.

Great thanks!!

goinsidemyhead said...

...real nice...nothing slick here just the straight dope....great vibe throughout...nice one...

Xyros said...

Thanks Ransom for the info on the Ronn cd. Reminds me of the first cd's I bought compiled of 50's-60's music. It would have been cheaper to buy an old lp at the time than the cd. Straight rips from a beat up lp.