Sunday, September 9, 2012

Homesick James - Ain't Sick No More

His correct age may remain in doubt (he's claimed he was born as early as 1905), but the slashing slide guitar skills of Homesick James Williamson have never been in question. Many of his most satisfying recordings have placed him in a solo setting, where his timing eccentricities don't disrupt the proceedings (though he's made some fine band-backed waxings as well).
Williamson was playing guitar at age ten and soon ran away from his Tennessee home to play at fish fries and dances. His travels took the guitarist through Mississippi and North Carolina during the 1920s, where he crossed paths with Yank Rachell, Sleepy John Estes, Blind Boy Fuller, and Big Joe Williams.
Settling in Chicago during the 1930s, Williamson played local clubs and recorded for RCA Victor in 1937. The miles and gigs had added up before Williamson made some of his finest sides in 1952-53 for Art Sheridan's Chance Records (including the classic "Homesick" that gave him his enduring stage name).
James also worked extensively as a sideman, backing harp great Sonny Boy Williamson in 1945 at a Chicago gin joint called the Purple Cat and during the 1950s with his cousin, slide master Elmore James (to whom Homesick is stylistically indebted). He also recorded with James during the 1950s. Homesick's own output included crashing 45s for Colt and USA in 1962, a fine 1964 album for Prestige, and four tracks on a Vanguard anthology in 1965.
Williamson has never stopped recording and touring; he's done recent albums for Appaloosa and Earwig. No matter what his current chronological age, there's nothing over-the-hill about the blues of Homesick James Williamson.


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I've not heard much by him, but I really like the few tunes I know. Thanks.

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Greetings Xyros

How is it that you always manage to come up with LP's that are among those i've lost or been forced to sell.

Much appreciated to renew my acquaintance with old favourites such as this.


Xyros said...

Some of my old 60's lp's got lost while moving and that still haunts me at night sometimes.
Since then I personally pack, carry and ruin my back carting the lp's around ... anyway glad you found this old lp again.

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Have you the Bluesway album by Lee Jackson?

If yes, please post it

Thanks in advance.


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Thank you so much for sharing all this fine records!!!

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My first album by Homesick James.

Never publish on CD. It's one of my favorite disk!

What about Bear Sessions with Snooky Prior ? Can not find it here.

Nick Fiction said...

thanks fan! still not half as good as Pale Creation, but tolerable.-ni fi

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This Lp isn't DL for me today, maybe later it will. Can you check it? Thanks for all the fine LP's here.

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Wrong link, I'll re-up it today and place the new link online.

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homesick james
1973 aint sick no more
A1 13 Highway 3:06
A2 12 Year Old Boy 3:24
A3 Buddy Brown 3:53
A4 Fayette County Blues 2:40
A5 Little Girl 3:09
A6 In Love 2:49
B1 My Baby's Gone 2:55
B2 Little And Low 3:01
B3 I Need Love (Money Getter) 3:14
B4 I Ain't Doin' No Good 3:22
B5 Sugar Mama 4:02
B6 Woman I Love 3:29