Saturday, October 13, 2012

Various - Swamp Land Boogie vol. 1

Some nice Cajun, Swamp Pop from the Goldband label. Rockin'Sydney, Lonnie Brooks, Dell Mack amongst others including the worst crap Ive ever heard from Danny James.
Hear him "sing" Boogie In The Mud and wonder why they didn't bury him in the mud then and there and forget about him. OK, "Blues Train" has some good guitar work on it and no vocals. Danny must have been taking a piss when they taped it and he got the credit because he did't ruin it.
It seems Danny played guitar and it's a good track (Blues Train)... so Danny can't sing but plays a mean guitar and I take back what I said about him taking a piss.


Anonymous said...

Danny James 12/01 1945- 12/08/1991
was the legendary sessions guitar player for Eddie Shuller Goldband Records.
takin' a piss & playing guitar at the same time is not a easy thing to do
i always thought that Boogie in the Mud was fun

anyway thanks for sharing all this great music

Xyros said...

Thanks for the extra info. His guitar playing is very good and that explains the credits but no way is "boogie in the mud" listenable. But then my wive tells me I've got no taste and maybe she's right. I married her.
Don't let me put anyone off fromlistening to this lp.

Anonymous said...

this is not the original version
of -Boogie in the Mud- by Danny James
here the piano as been rerecorded

& how do you like the one by Rockin Sidney

sorry i should'nt ask you

Xyros said...

Now Rockin'Sydney I like. Just great music that gets you dancing or in my case twitching in my chair.
See the lp I posted at the end of May.