Saturday, December 22, 2012

George "Harmonica" Smith - Pick Your Choice

SHOE LABEL RECORDS PRESENTS . . . "PICK YOUR CHOICE" With George "Harmonica" Smith, Shoe Label SL-1001. Produced by George Smith & Bernie Pearl, recorded at McCoy Studio, Los Angeles. Three tracks by George Smith (Stockholm Swing, Misty, Bad Luck at My Door) and one each by Long Gone Miles (Trouble, Trouble), William Clarke and The Nightowls (52 Cards in a Deck), one-man band Blind Joe Hill (Don't Be Nobody's Fool), Doug McCloud [sic: Macleod] (Think I'll Go Out Drinkin'), and Evans Walker (Baby Please). Sidemen include Lloyd Glenn, Dennis Walker, Bernie Pearl, and J.D. Nicholson.
Back of jacket is blank; this album did not come with liner notes.
This is an old rip at 128kbs and my thanks go out to HM for sharing this very very rare LP with us.



Anonymous said...

Could'nt Believe it !!!!!
thank you so much

Steve626 said...

This is amazing. Just when I think I've seen every George Smith record, you come up with a great find. Thanks again.

peter said...

Great find:)!