Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kid Thomas - Rockin' This Joint Tonight

Over the top Harmonica insanity!!!!! 1. Beaulah Come Back 2. The Wolf Pack 3. The Spell 4. Come Here Woman 5. Jivin' Mess 6. She's Fine 7. Here's My Story 8. Rockin' This Joint Tonight 9. You Are An Angel 10. Wail Baby Wail 11. Five Long Years 12. Lookie There 13. Cozy Lounge Blues 14. Willowbrook 15. You Are An Angel (version 2) 16. The Hurt Is On 17. I Love You So 18. The Spell 19. The Wolf Pack 20. Beaulah Come Back 21. The Wolf Pack 22. Beaulah Come Back 23. Beaulah Come Back 24. Beaulah Come Back 25. Come In This House 26. Beaulah Come Back 27. I've Been Crying 28. Ninety Nine and a Half 29. Here Comes the Night 30. Doggin' Around



ramson said...

Kid Thomas - rockin' this joint tonight

Raw, raw blues!!


bobbysu said...

thank you so much

Viagra Online Pharmacy said...

One of my favorites singers..s Thomas's strength started to wane, Preservation Hall management brought in Wendell Brunious, at first as second trumpet; thanks for sharing.. the albums is wonderful. I will download it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Viagra Online Pharmacy but this Kid Thomas is Louis Thomas Watts and not Kid Thomas Valentine you were thinking about. I guess you found out after you downloaded it! I'll bet that the two different Sonny Boy Willimsons messes with your brain too. :)