Zippyshare and VPN

I know that Zippyshare is a problem in a lot of countries but I'm sticking to it and for the following reasons:
1. large files can be uploaded
2. it's fast
3. no download limits
5. I can follow the number of downloads

The solution to your problem is to use free or paid VPN software extensions for your browser. I use TouchVPN for Chrome but there are plenty of other ones out there to choose from.
It's not rocket science and if you can download and listen to mp3's all day you are capable of using simple VPN extensions.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Lowell Fulson - Swing Time In The BIg Town

A1 Love My Baby
A2 Sinner’s Prayer
A3 The Blues Come Rollin’ In
A4 Let Me Ride In Your Little Automobile
A5 Tryin’ To Find My Baby
A6 Thinkin’ Blues
A7 Raggedy Daddy Blues
B1 Is Your Friend Really Your Friend?
B2 Rockin’ After Midnight
B3 Everyday I Have The Blues
B4 Ride Til The Sun Goes Down
B5 Christmas Party Shuffle
B6 Upstairs
B7 Goodbye Baby



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