Sunday, December 9, 2012

Various - San Diego Blues Jam

A good collection of acoustic recordings from San Diego artists in the mid 70's.
This has been ripped from an LP that needs a good cleaning. Rip has been cleaned but if you really like it the CD is easily available at Amazon etc.


Anonymous said...

thanks for this one & blog.
nice sound lp rip.

Xyros said...

Thank you and glad you liked it.

ramson said...

Nice sound? ..Hummmm ... yes ,original album sound seems very good, but many times voices sound broken or rough ..because excess of filtering?..I don't know!!.

Anyway music is fantastic!!!.

Thanks a lot!!!

Xyros said...

If I remember this lp was hardly filterd so it could be the original recording which is rough.
Could you give me a track number so I can compare filterd with unfilterd.

Anonymous said...

Sadly deleted/not available trying to hear it since so much Testament stuff is worthwhile. Bless Pete Welding