Tuesday, April 13, 2021

William Robertson - South Georgia Blues (re-post upgrade)

A1 Frolicking Blues
A2 Lucy Mae Blues
A3 Hooks In The Water
A4 Baby, Please Don't Go
A5 Five Long Years
A6 Big Legged Woman
B1 William Robertson Blues
B2 Lucky Mama Blues
B3 Talk To Your Daughter
B4 The Root Blues
B5 True Love
William Robertson is also known as Cecil Barfield



Anonymous said...

doesn't sound like any country blues I heard.

goinsidemyhead said...

....pretty amazing and somewhat unusual...its like William Roberston has no influences outside his immediate world...this is the natural unblemished folk sound of an original...pretty cool.

Xyros said...

I can remember the 1st time I listened to it and couldnt believe my ears. The man has a style that's like no other. After a couple of listens it grew on me and has remained one of my favorite blues lp's.

Anonymous said...

thank you very much. cecil barfield is great, unique guitar player who transcends genre. been looking for this for a while.

Anonymous said...

Man so much obscure shit on this site I love it so much and can spend way to long browsing, D/L and then I make them into CD's I call the The Vinyl Rip Issues - Rare As Hen's Teeth. I'm an anal nerd like that hahah!!!!


dave said...

A new upload, please?

Xyros said...

Now this an old rip from the very early days of the blog. Maybe you can let me know what you think of the rip.

dave said...

Yeah, that;s great!
Many thanks for the repost.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

A great, very original, blues singer from way down in the woods

rntcj said...


Thanx for repost. "New" artist here = "new" hears here. Little info. about LP & artist. Anyone able to add anything please?

Ciao! For now.

Xyros said...

@ mtcj,
Look up this site https://biglegalmessrecords.com/collections/cecil-barfield
for more info.