Monday, October 23, 2017

Mojo Buford - The Harmonica Sound of Mojo & his Rhythm Quartette Shades Of Folk Blues

1 Knockin' On My Door - Vocal
2 Shake It For Me - Instr.
3 Flying Easy - Instr.
4 Come Home Baby - Vocal
5 Slim & Trim Mama - Instr.
6 Have You Ever Been Mistreated - Vocal
7 Blues For Si-Am - Instr
8 Mo-Jo's Woman - Vocal
9 The Morning Before Day - Instr
10 Mojo Cha Cha Cha Blues - Instr
11 Shake It Baby - Vocal
12 Mo-Jo Ride - Instr

KansasJoe rip and rare as hens teeth.



Anonymous said...

This LP is so fucking RARE! Thanx for posting!!!!

Manhatan said...

Any luck to get it again ?? Please, Please !!

soulpapa said...

Wow! Never knew this existed at all. Thought I had everything by him. Thank you!!!

Kurt hricz said...

Never seen before - thanks a lot!

pino said...

thank you ..!!

Skinnymon said...

Most unusual. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Found it some 20 years ago in mint condition for 20€ !

Xyros said...

20€ !!!!, the things dreams are made of.

imnokid said...

Rare and killer. Just get it!