Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Various - The Story Of The Blues Vol. 1&2

Filling Leroy Slim's request for 'The Story Of The Blues" compilations which was like a visit to an old friend that I hadn't seen in years. 
It been more than 30 years since these LP's left the shelf and were dusted off. They where my introduction to the Blues way back in the late late 60's/early 70's. 
When I was young I was an avid buyer of the Animals, Yardbirds, Pretty Things, Jimi Hendrix etc but had never listened to where their music came from. This went on until one night I was listening to a Dutch radio late night show late and Paul Oliver was interviewed and played some tracks. I can't remember what he played but all I do know is that it expanded the music I listened to. My mind exploded as I heard a track and thought to myself that this is what Hendrix was doing with "Red House". Next day I bought my first Blues LP and it was "The Story Of The Blues". 
Since then it's been an off and on affair but I always come back to my first two loves ... Hendrix and Blues. Can never get enough of them.

Thank you Leroy.

Volume 1:

Volume 2:


:::Leroy Slim::: said...

I've checked out the book from the local library so many I finally get to listen to these great real blues songs. Thank you and I hope you have a stellar day!

lemonflag said...


Juanjo said...

Lovely story! Like many of us...thanks!!

charlie said...

Like you, bought the record many (43?) years ago. Good to hear it again.

Dennis said...

30 years ago this stuff was a regular on my Walkman. I didn't think I'd hear it again. Thanks for the great work, it's a top site. As the Aussies would say, "What a ripper!"

Anonymous said...

Link to Volume 1: Disc 1: is dead


Xyros said...

Link has been renewed

Anonymous said...

I used to drool over this in the record shop window when I was at school, but could never afford it... thanks for this!

oldrocker99 said...

Thank you *10^6!