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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Various - Unfinished Boogie, Western Blues Piano 1946-1952

A1 –Thunder Smith* Thunder's Unfinished Boogie
A2 –Thunder Smith* New Worried Life Blues
A3 –Jimmy McCracklin Highway 101
A4 –Jimmy McCracklin Street Loafin' Woman
A5 –Thunder Smith* Little Mama Boogie
A6 –Mercy Dee* Straight And Narrow
A7 –Little Son Willis* Howling Woman
A8 –Little Son Willis* Roll Me Over Slow
B1 –Little Willie Littlefield Little Willie's Boogie
B2 –Thunder Smith* West Coast Blues
B3 –Thunder Smith* Low Down Dirty Ways
B4 –Luther "Rocky Mountain" Stoneham Mable Blues
B5 –Mercy Dee* The Pay Off
B6 –Mercy Dee* Baba-Du-Lay Fever (G.I. Fever)
B7 –Little Son Willis* Skin And Bones
B8 –Jimmy McCracklin Baby, Don't You Want To Go



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