Friday, April 1, 2016

Drink Small - I Know My Blues Are Different

Drink Small was born in Bishopville, South Carolina, United States. He was self taught on the guitar and organised a local gospel group, the Six Stars. He had eclectic musical influences including Tennessee Ernie Ford, Merle Travis, John Lee Hooker and Fats Domino.
He was rated as one of the best gospel guitarists in the 1950s, before he turned his attention to secular music later in that decade. In 1959, he released the single "I Love You Alberta" on Sharp Records. Drink Small had a long career, recording spasmodically for small record labels, before issuing six albums between 1990 and 2008. He recorded dirty blues tracks such as "Tittie Man" and "Baby, Leave Your Panties Home", with more righteous offerings such as "The Lord Been Good to Me".
Drink Small appeared at the 2005 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. He also performed at the first Julius Daniels Memorial Blues Festival in Denmark, South Carolina, in October 2010.

A1         Bow Legged Woman        
A2         You Can Call Me Country        
A3         Can't Kill Nothing        
A4         My Baby Loves Me Right        
A5         My Rod        
A6         Hangover Blues        
A7         Corn Whiskey        
B1         Ugly Woman Blues        
B2         Worth A Million Dollars        
B3         If My Luck Don't Change        
B4         Liquor And Women        
B5         A Sad Time        
B6         You Make Me Feel So Good        
B7         One Woman Is Enough For Me



12vjoe said...

Never heard of this guy, but really looking forward to hearing this. What a diverse selection of influences - so great! And that is one of the best blues names I've ever heard...

Anonymous said...

This is a corker! He sounds like he lost the bridge from his guitar and somehow it all works! I'd love to hear more from this artist!--Bill

Xyros said...

Drink Small's first single from the late 50's was posted earlier on this blog. For rest you'll have to search other blogs or torrents for his LP's on the Ichiban label.

Ben said...

Never heard of this gem...! Didn't know it existed.
I have...
1991 Round Two
1994 The Blues Doctor
2006 Blues Doctor Live & Outrageous If anyone is interested, I'll post link here.

Xyros said...

Hi Ben,

If you can post links for your Drink Small albums that would be appreciated.

Ben said...

Okay, as soon as I upload and get links, I will post them here.
Be patient though.. it's my first time :)

Ben said...
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Ben said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful work ! A re-post is possible ! Thak You very much.