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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Tarheel Slim - No Time At All (re-post)

A1 So Sweet, So Sweet
A2 Married Woman Blues
A3 The Guy With The .45
A4 No Time At All
A5 My Baby's Gone
A6 Weeping Willow
A7 Walking
B1 'Fore Day Creep
B2 Jitterbug Rag
B3 Some Cold Rainy Day
B4 Screaming & Crying
B5 Open Nose
B6 Dark Shadows
B7 Superstitious
B8 180 Days



Slobo said...

Congratulations for the new look of your blog!
You're the best on whole web.
I love your blog because is so original.
Thanks, Slobo from B&H

Anonymous said...

thank you

boogieman said...

Trix albums would have sounded better with a minimum of production. This one ain't too bad. The Big Chief Ellis LP in the same series (did you post it in the past?)makes for pretty dull listening.
Pete Lowry ain't no Leonard Chess or Jules Bihari. These guys knew how to make blues records that rocked.

Gyro1966 said...

I always pictured Pete Lowery as the typical bookish, scholarly, and unassuming college campus blues intellectual who doesn't care for loud music.

Guitarradeplastico your favorite musician said...


Dayvk said...

Thanks a lot Xyros...:)

Steve Stelling said...

This one's a real thrill! Awesome. Thanks