Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Whistling Alex Moore - Blues Piano Vocal And Whistling

A1 Whistling Alex Moore's Blues
A2 Pretty Woman With A Sack Dress On
A3 Rubber Tyred Hack
A4 You Say I'm A Bad Feller
A5 From North Dallas To The East Side
A6 Miss No-Good Weed
B1 Black Eyed Peas And Hog Jowls
B2 Boogie In The Barrel
B3 Going Back To Froggy Bottom
B4 July Boogie
B5 West Texas Woman
B6 Frisky Gal


Anonymous said...

Boredom rather than s-h-a-m-e??
Not lack of gratitude as far as I am concerned, but somehow or other a reference to Alex Moore's late 1940s session, available on an Arhoolie CD with the material also on the 77 LP (which also appeared on Arhoolie), and some but not all the tracks on the second Arhoolie... well, it migrated to your notes on this download -- which contains only the twelve tracks from the 77 LP....
After the Big Sam and the Mudcat Thomas uploads, for which I thank you very much (but belatedly, me culpa!) you could be forgiven a lot if there was a lot to forgive.
Do you want people to see that your grave is kept clean? Thanks thanks thanks comment comment comment, o wonder of real generosity.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the good LP, i have only:

Whistling Alex Moore - DOCD-5178
Whistling Alex Moore - From North Dallas To The East Side

Anonymous said...

If the previous blogger had been a little more attentive, he or she might have appreciated that the indeed very good LP just uploaded is reissued as part of FROM NORTH DALLAS TO THE EAST SIDE and is already part of his/her collection. The same material appeared on both the 77 and the Arhoolie labels because in Britain at the time imported Amderican albums were ridiculously expensive (due to tax and price maintenance).

Pete said...

Thank you so very much. It's so hard to find his recordings anywhere. He was a good friend of ours for many years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great album!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pete, try Amazon

Pablow said...

Any chance of a sweet sweet re-up?? Pablow xo

Anonymous said...

Here you go