Friday, June 21, 2013

Alabama Red (a.k.a Ray Curtis) - The Blues Never Die

Ray Curtis was born in Alabama but has lived in Chicago since the forties. He has been a fixture on the Southside Chicago club scene for years. Red has performed with Memphis Slim, Muddy Waters, Dinah Washington, Rice Miller & Howlin’ Wolf, and is known in the southside for his vocals and songwriting. He has recorded a few hard to find 45′s and an LP over the years. He also has released a CD on Electro-Fi.

Frits, master of obscure vinyl, has struck again.



Marc said...

Great stuff. Any info on his Electro-Fi cd. I cant find a listing.

Xyros said...

Marc, it seems I can't believe everything I read on internet. The only reference I could find was to 1 track on a Xmas Cd from Electro-Fi. More than likely the Cd never got released when it came down to it.

Gerard Herzhaft said...
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Gerard Herzhaft said...

Apparently, Alabama Red will have a CD available next august called "Ghetto blues" on the Wolf label. I don't know by now if it is the unissued 1997 Electro-Fi sessions, a new one (is Ray still living?) or a compilation in CD of his 45s and LP? So wait and see

boogieman said...

Hi Xyros,
excellent post. I got a bit worried when i saw titles such as "I love my Disco girl" but there was no reason. No disco at all and lotsa soul blues.
Very enjoyable album.

daba said...

Thanks Xyros!



RARE ORIGINAL PRIVATE PRESSING Stereo Record Album LP made in the U.S.A. / Chicago in 1979

by WASP RECORDS (3434)

The Songs on this Record:
I Like To Make Love At Night
Love My Disco Girl (part one and two)
I Had It So Hard
Going Back To Texarkana (part one and two)
Chicago Summerfest
I Don't Love You Any More
Help Me Spend My Dough
Tired Of Big Cities
Jesus Is My True Friend

Gerard said...

Wolf Records have just announced the forthcoming Alabama RED/ Ray Curtis CD
The man died in 2005 and those sessions come from the 80's, maybe the same tracks than present on this LP?

Gerard Herzhaft said...

I've just received the Wolf CD by Alabama Red. Most of the tracks here are featured with several other "unissued" titles. Sound, coming from the matrixs, is way better than here.

Arty Kuznetsov said...

Is this guy the same guy who recorded CD "Windy City Blues"? I mean this one:

Xyros said...

Yes, it is the same Alabama Red. Gerhard has left a couple of comments about the Cd in relation to the LP rip here.