Friday, May 13, 2016

Arlean Brown - Sings The Blues In The Loop

Obscure album by this crazy Chicago funky blues singer. The sound is very raw, with a west side groove to it, and a mixture of blues and soul that gets nice and dirty at times! Includes her classic funky 45 "I Am a Streaker", which has a very raw funky groove – plus other 70s-titled cuts like "Impeach Me". Talk about historically topical material!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Xyros & Frits! Been looking for this for ages... Bobsworth

Anonymous said...

Me too...many thanks. you have made an old funk head very happy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Me three - fantastic work here.

Anonymous said...

She was a wonderful lady & a great performer, few know she had an astute business sense and helped young Blues artists.

Karla said...

Hallo, fantastic album, I've been looking for it for ages, but it's very expensive lp, is it possible to send me the download link?


Blues With A Feeling! said...

Is Kennith "Buddy" Scott - Guitar, on this album?
I know they did some work together.