Thursday, June 10, 2021

Forest City Joe & Polka Dot Slim - Downhome Delta Harmonica (re-post)

Forest City Joe
1. Train Time
2. You Better Cut That Out
3. Levee Camp Reminiscence
4. Drink On Little Girl
5. She Lived Her Life Too Fast
6. She Don't Love Me That Way
7. Stop Breaking Down
8. Red Cross Store
9. Forrest City Jump
10. Memory Of Sonny Boy
11. Special Delivery Man
12. Shady Lane Woman
13. A Woman On Every Street
14. Sawdust Bottom
15. Ash Street Boogie
16. Mean Mistreating Woman
17. Lonesome Day Blues

Polka Dot Slim
18. It's A Thing You Gotta Face
19. Ain't Broke Ain't Hungry
20. Hello Friends, Hello Pals
21. Sunny Side Of Love
22. Hey Mattie
23. Change Your Ways
24. They Call Me Mr. Calhoun
25. I'm Ragged And Dirty

Old rip from Frits


DrStrasburg said...

Whoa...Yes...Thank you!!!


thank you so much greatful !!!