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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Various - Sultans Of The Slide Guitar

14 excellent tracks featuring some of the best slide guitarists around at the time. As an extra bonus, for me anyway, Koko Taylor as vocalist on 2 tracks with Robert Nighthawk backing.

 Hound Dog Taylor
- Watch Out [Checker 1223, issued?]
Robert Nighthawk
- My Angel [previously unissued]
Johnny Littlejohn
- Keep On Running [previously unissued]
Hound Dog Taylor
- Hound Dog [previously unissued]
Koko Taylor with Robert Nighthawk
- What Kind Of Man Is This [Checker 1092]
Johnny Littlejohn
- She's Too Much [previously unissued]
Hound Dog Taylor
- Scrappin' [previously unissued]

Robert Nighthawk
- She Knows How To Love A Man [previously unissued]
Johnny Littlejohn
- When I Think About My Baby [previously unissued]
Hound Dog Taylor
- Sitting Here Alone [previously unissued]
Johnny Littlejohn
- I Had a Dream [previously unissued]
Koko Taylor with Robert Nighthawk
- I Got What It Takes [Checker 1092]
Hound Dog Taylor
- Down Home Special [Checker 1223, issued?]
Robert Nighthawk
- Someday [previously unissued]

rec. 1949-1969

Re-post request


Anonymous said...

thank you

Eva said...

I downloaded this and I do appreciate it, but you didn't tag the mp3's, and you didn't include a jpg or a track listing or *anything* to indicate titles & artists! Could you please post something to indicate what the songs & artists are? Thank you so much!

Xyros said...

I think you'll find a jpg of the back cover in one of folders after you've opened the rar. file.

Eva said...

Ah, okay, now I see it. Don't know why I missed it last night. Once again, thanks for a great album.

Pike said...

Tanx for this masterpiece! Robert Nighthawk is the most exciting guitarist of the era

Anonymous said...

Man just came across your site-phenominal -Where has this one been all my life! Thank You!

john said...

I can listen to Hound Dog Taylor any day any time . Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Xyros

A great share anything with the sensational Hound Dog Taylor has won me.



Xyros said...

Rhod, the Alligator/Sonet Lp's are very easy to find so I won't be posting them here as I've got a backlog of LP's still waiting to be posted.
The blog from "Blue Eye" has posted the early tracks from Hound Dog some time ago so give him a visit.

Anonymous said...

va - 1979 sultans of the slide guitar
A1 Hound Dog Taylor – Watch Out
A2 Robert Nighthawk – My Angel
A3 Johnny Littlejohn* – Keep On Running
A4 Hound Dog Taylor – Hound Dog
A5 Koko Taylor, Robert Nighthawk – What Kind Of Man Is This
A6 Johnny Littlejohn* – She's Too Much
A7 Hound Dog Taylor – Scrappin'
B1 Robert Nighthawk – She Knows How To Love A Man
B2 Johnny Littlejohn* – When I Think About My Baby
B3 Hound Dog Taylor – Sitting Here Alone
B4 Johnny Littlejohn* – I Had A Dream
B5 Koko Taylor, Robert Nighthawk – I Got What It Takes
B6 Hound Dog Taylor – Down Home Special
B7 Robert Nighthawk – Someday

Leo Maier said...

THANKS!!!!!!! :)

Albert said...

Many Many Thanks

Franck Goldwasser said...

This collection was evidently compiled by some fine connoisseur of the genre… It includes tracks on which any trace of slide guitar is conspicuously absent! "She's Too Much" features the superlative non-slide guitar work of Mighty Joe Young (except for the succinct four-bar intro by Littlejohn). "I Got What It Takes" by K. Taylor may include Nighthawk in its line-up, but gloriously lacks any slide guitar playing. "Someday" by Nighthawk is a great cut, but is equally devoid of any slide work, the lead being handled by Buddy Guy. Be that as it may this is a great album, if only it weren't for Koko Taylor's execrable expectorations.

Franck Goldwasser said...

By the way, "She Knows How To Love A Man" is a very fine example of Nighthawk's decidedly non-slide guitar work, which definitely deserves attention.

Unknown said...

Link has been torpedoed I'm afraid. Thanks for the post!

Unknown said...

Much obliged for the re-post.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Maple blues: Here are the two sides of the 45 by Acesn Straights and Shuffle:

The links on CBox couldn't get complete!

Xyros said...

Thank you Gerard.