Sunday, August 2, 2020

Johnny "Big Moose" Walker - Rambling Woman (re-post)

A1 Footrace 3:45
A2 The Sky Is Crying
A3 Rambling Woman 3:10
A4 Moose Huntin' 6:48
A5 Chicken Shack 4:49
B1 Leave Me 'Lone 2:55
B2 Baby Talk 3:40
B3 Would You Baby 3:40
B4 Rock Me Momma 3:30
B5 Moose Is On The Loose 7:00



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Any Bluesway is worth hearing.
Not sure about the hippie on electric sax though.

Unknown said...

This first lp of Big Moose Walker is indeed a great one ! I agree with you Frank : the sax is sometimes disappointing on some tracks. But Earl Hooker is constantly brilliant. This lp is produced by Ed Michel who later produced some recordings for John Lee Hooker (Never get out of these blues alive and others).

Albert said...

and this one too ?

snakeboy said...

Good stuff. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thank you so much!!!

imnokid said...

Thanx. Any Bluesway IS worth hearing!