Thursday, October 31, 2013

Amos Milburn Jr. - You Used Me

After buying "Gloria" and playing it almost non-stop I thought I'd shell out for the LP that collects his 60's recordings on LeCam. If you're expecting more tunes like "Gloria" you'll be disappointed but it has some nice R&B tracks and standards that make it worth while. Delbert McClinton turns up on a track as does Ronnie Dawson on drums on several tracks.


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Gerard Herzhaft said...

Recently I re-gave the info which was written as such in several blues magazines that Amos Milburn Jr was in fact Amos Milburn himself. This LP that I discover for the first time thank to Xyros put the truth where it stands: Mr Amos Milbunr Jr wasn't Milburn after all but James Thomas Russ. A mystery at last solved for good. And all my apologizes for being wrong. By the way the music doesn't sound bad either.