Thursday, July 18, 2019

Carolina Slim - Blues From The Cotton Fields (re-post)

Rag Mama
Blues Go Away From Me
Shake Boogie
Worrying Blues
Slow Freight Blues
Wine Head Baby
Pour Me One More Drink
Carolina Boogie
I’ll Get By Somehow
Blues Knockin At My Door
Worry You Off My Mind



Gyro1966 said...

Can you please check this zippyshare link to see if it works? Thanks again for you fine blues music here.

Xyros said...

I've corrected the link. Problem was that the"H" at the start of HTTP was not included as a link.

Gyro1966 said...

Thanks again for the great albums here, recorded well off vinyl.

Anonymous said...

I agree --- Carolina Slim was into... something! Document Records also have a nice compilation of his early sides!

Ansina said...