Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pete "Guitar" Lewis, Jimmy Nolen & Cal Green - Scratchin'

1 –Jimmy Nolen Strollin' With Nolen (Alt)
2 –Pete "Guitar" Lewis Louisiana Hop
3 –Jimmy Nolen How Fine Can You Be
4 –Pete "Guitar" Lewis Scratchin'
5 –Jimmy Nolen You've Been Goofin'
6 –Pete "Guitar" Lewis Crying With The Rising Sun
7 –Jimmy Nolen The Way You Do
8 –Cal Green The Big Push
9 –Pete "Guitar" Lewis Raggedy Blues
10 –Jimmy Nolen I Can't Stand You No More (Alt)
11 –Jimmy Nolen After Hours
12 –Pete "Guitar" Lewis Harmonica Boogie
13 –Jimmy Nolen Don't Leave Me No More
14 –Pete "Guitar" Lewis Chocolate Pork Chop Man
15 –Jimmy Nolen Wipe Your Tears
16 –Cal Green Green's Blues
17 –Jimmy Nolen It Hurts Me Too
18 –Jimmy Nolen Strollin' With Nolen
19 –Pete "Guitar" Lewis The Blast
20 –Jimmy Nolen Strawberry Jam
21 –Pete "Guitar" Lewis Ooh Midnight
22 –Jimmy Nolen Movin' On Down The Line



Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Thanks a million!!!!!!


The Monkee

Anonymous said...

I've owned this CD for years. The music is great! Download, you
won't be sorry.

Anonymous said...

cheers mate

ramson said...

Pete "Guitar" Lewis, Jimmy Nolen & Cal Green - Scratchin'

Recommendd to followers of T-Bone Walker style.


Viagra Online said...

Pete had the best performance! I saw him in the his last presentation. I think it was the best in his category and everyone who enjoys the music could support my opinion.

Sylvain Thimonier said...

Thanks for this rare cd ! Cal Green from Texas is a very versatile guitarist able to play blues, jazz or pop. Unfortunately, he recorded very few albums. His cd "White pearl" is a very good one and certainly the easiest to find. I'm looking for "Trippin' with Cal Green" which more jazz-funk oriented.

MarcD said...

Trippin' with Cal Green - LP rip at 192 kbps is here:

Bob Mac said...

Many thanks for this.

Sylvain Thimonier said...

Thanks MarcD for this link ! It's very kind of you. So, I'll listen Cal Green this evening.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot !!!! I don't know this artists. They're so good !
and thanks so to MarcD for his post !
Fantastic blog ...

12vjoe said...

Thanks so very much!

Duncan Carmichael said...

could you re-up please?

quico said...

Pete "Gitar" Lewis, one of my fovorite guitar player, thanks so much.

Franck Goldwasser said...

Thank you so much for Earl Gaines and Phil Guy.

Xyros said...

Glad that you liked both of the lp's Franck.

Anonymous said...


MORE "new hears" here! Great! Could someone re-up "Trippin' With Cal Green" as "it no longer exists....". Much appreciated.


Ciao! For now.

Steve626 said...


Cal Green - Trippin’ With Cal Green @320