Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Plaster Casters Blues Band - Same

The Plaster Casters, who lend their name but none of their musical talent to this record, were a group of groupies (their has to be a better collective noun than group for groupies but I'm not sure what it is) who were led by Cynthia Plaster Caster and made their name by taking plaster casts of male rock star genitalia. They really have nothing to do with the actual recording, though. Instead what you have here are some generic 60s blues-based rock instrumentals played by a component (if uninspired) group of session peformers that includes some fine blues and r&b players (see line-up below). It fairly groovy, generic rock and blues with harmonica and horns and would have made a component soundtrack to some teen-exploitation film. It doesn't have anything to do with plaster casting or groupies, however.
Thanks goes to the original poster at "Play it again, Max".
Thanks also go to MapleBlues for requesting this "oddity" whose only redeeming feature is that George "Harmonica" Smith plays on 5 tracks.  Gave me a good excuse not to work in the garden.



Alan Balfour said...

Do I remember this? The first release on Bluestime in 1969. Reviewers complained that Smith's contribution was lost to the organ and wondering why he was include. There was a 45 as well. Today we're probably more tolerant.

At the same time Joe Turner (The Real Boss Of The Blues) and Super Black Blues (T-Bone Walker, Joe Turner, Otis Spann) were issued with George in more sympathetic surroundings.

Anonymous said...

thnks !!! that was fast!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

yeah it is an oddity for sure !!
one of those 60ies blues/psychedelic era thing like electrric mud or this is howlin wolf new album

Mouldysauerkraut said...

Thank you ! I didn't knew that this record existed. As a Zappa fan, I have the GTO's album produced by Zappa. I suppose that some PC girls were with the GTO's (?). As a French guy, I though that Plaster Caster came from the artists member molders made by groupies. According to that hobby, Jimi was a huge musician. I should use a dictionary, not google translator.

Xyros said...

I don't know if the PC girls were in the GTO's but as a Hendrix fan I know of the stories around them.
This LP only uses the name to sell more LP's but it really work as not many copies were sold.