Sunday, December 29, 2013

Various - New York On Fire Vol. 2


More rare tracks from the Fire label including Sammy Myers, Mighty Joe Young, B. Brown, Tommy Tucker etc. Rare DLP from P-Vine and thaks go to Frits for the rip.


ramson said...

Great recordings and very good rip.

Only a complaint: sometimes in your "rips" there is some distortion or saturation (generally in voice) because of that wave form is clipped, since digitalization volume is too high (red volumeters). I rip sound with low volumen and use "hard limit" tool on ADOBE AUDITION for up volume in order to prevent cut-out wave form.

Thanks a lot

Xyros said...

Thank you ransom for your comment on the audio. Checked out Adobe Audition but had a heart attack at the number of settings/buttons etc.
I use Magix Audio Lab and try and keep the volume in the green/yellow. Due to time I don't sit behind the PC listening to every track ripped so some will slip through. But I did notice that Magix also has a limiter button so I'll see what that does to a rip.

ramson said...

I forget say that in this lp only really there is some distortion (with severe clipped) on voice in Mighty Joe Young tracks, strangely on others tracks volume not is very high (only puntual clip that not produce distortion).

Also on some others (not all) Frits' rips have severe clipped.

Anyway great thanks to Frits for his generosity.