Thursday, January 11, 2018

Jump Jackson - 1960's Blues Party (Repost)

rec 196o Chicago at Jump Jackson's home
notes this is the bluesparty, which produced the idea of the American Folk Blues Festivals
Abbreviate for accomp.: TA Tom Archia ts, CR = Corkey Roberts b, JJ Jump Jackson dr
LJ = Lee Jackson gtr, SS= Sunnyland Slim p, RS = Roosevelt Sykes p

St?. Louis Jimmy, RS,TA,CR,JJ Goin' down slow
Sunnyland Slim, TA, LJ, CR, JJ Hard drivin, woman
Sunnyland Slim'& Lee Jackson, CR Boogie woogie
Willie Mabon, CR, JJ Going back to Tennessee
Clear Waters (Eddie Clearwater),SS, CR, JJ Wanna be cool
Roosevelt Sykes,TA, CR, JJ Long lonesome night
Memphis Slim, CR, JJ Born with the blues
Shakey Jake, LJ, CR, JJ, unk. p Things are different
St.Louis Jimmy, RS, LJ, CR, JJ Whiskey for breakfast
Sunnyland Slim, TA, LJ, CR, JJ Depression blues
Memphis Slim , CR, JJ El capitan
Roosevelt Sykes, CR, JJ Miss Ida B.
Clear Waters, p, b, 2nd gtr, dr Hillbilly blues +
Sunnyland Slim, CR, JJ Sunnyland bounce
Shakey Jake, LJ, CR, SS, JJ Love my baby
Johnny Thompson, CR, JJ Please send me someone
Jimmy Thompson, ts, b, dr Long about midnight +
Lee Jackson, SS, CR, JJ Change of love

notes the 2 titles with + are not from this session, but from singles
Music is provided by HM and Blue Eye and I'm grateful to be able to hear these tracks.



SBblues said...

Hi, every time I D/L this it's just a PDF logo no tracks. Can you help please?

Xyros said...

I downloaded it and unpacked it with no problems. Try again and if you have a problem I can dropbox it for you.

SBblues said...

Great got it thank you!

Unknown said...

Any chance for a repost?
Brooklyn, NY

jjeconomist said...

Yes please. I missed this last time around.

Floodville said...

Is this an actual repost, as link is dead, would love to hear, thanks again folks for all the great stuff

Xyros said...

@ Floodville, sorry about that. Must have reposted the deadlink again. Works now.

Floodville said...

No issue, grabbing now, thanks again

Unknown said...

Thank You for the re-post.
Much appreciated!
Brooklyn, NY

monsieur jujube said...

thanks for Jump jackson and his friends, a good drummer who made a lot of records with Memphis Slim (some of them in Paris, in his later days)